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Because a Donaldson -to-STL trade might make even more sense than a Stanton trade . Instead of turning Donaldson into two of the Cardinals average players, a healthy Carpenter — playing the positions that he brings the most value at — could be more like trading Donaldson for a

Over his last 33 starts — his most recent full season’ s worth of work, basically — he’ s thrown 217 innings Early-career Posey relied on some unsustainable BABIPs to post elite offensive numbers, and it In fact, the Donaldson trade — which brought back four players who weren’t even remotely

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For the first two months of this season, the future of the Blue Jays revolved around an all-world third baseman whose combination of uncanny hand-eye coordination and elite bat speed produced video-game numbers.

Then Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got hurt.

With Toronto’s imminent franchise player out at least a month, the focus now shifts to the current franchise player, another all-world third baseman with a track of video-game numbers, albeit not this season. Over the next month and a half, nothing will matter more to the Jays’ future than what happens to Josh Donaldson.

The former MVP and three-time All-Star has been out since May 29 with a calf injury, marking his second DL stint of the year. All told, he’s played in just 36 games so far in 2018. When you’re a player in your walk year before free agency, that’s a brutal break… for both Donaldson and his employer.

5 potential MLB blockbusters: Donaldson among best available bats

  5 potential MLB blockbusters: Donaldson among best available bats There haven’t been any blockbuster MLB trades yet this season, but that could easily change soon. Here are five big-name position players who could be on the move this summer. The post United Bid win a game changer for Canada appeared first on League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline is still more than a month away, but teams have already started wheeling and dealing.

That said, Donaldson has more in common with the typical Oakland expat than he does with, say, Derek Norris, another trade addition who broke through with the A’ s during the same season and is also slated for free agency after 2018. Norris is entering his

There’ s certainly plenty of time for Donaldson to get back to health and show he’ s still capable of playing to his exceedingly lofty standard, though. Rosenthal figures that Kansas city will be among the most active trade deadline sellers in July, and could also dangle southpaw Danny Duffy, second

Still, if health were the only issue, both Donaldson and the Jays would have reason for optimism. The latest reports have him potentially starting a short rehab assignment on Friday, with an eye toward returning next week. Six weeks would normally offer plenty of time for a top player to showcase his talents before the July 31 non-waiver deadline, allowing potential suitors to line up, and start a bidding war.

Unfortunately, Donaldson’s in the midst of his worst campaign (by far) since his first full season back in 2013. In 36 games, he’s batting a modest .234/.333/.423.

Troubling indicators abound.

He’s struck out in 27.7 per cent of his plate appearances, the highest mark since Donaldson became an everyday player in the big leagues. He’s swinging at more pitches out of the strike zone than at any point since that 2013 season, with more frequent swings and misses than ever before. Among the 127 American League players with 150 or more plate appearances this year, only seven have made contact less frequently than Donaldson has.

Josh Donaldson rejoins Blue Jays

  Josh Donaldson rejoins Blue Jays Sportsnet, and virtually everyone is, is reporting that Josh Donaldson ‘has flown back to Toronto from Dunedin to rejoin the Jays’. I thought the plan was to have him play a rehab game or two, but I guess that plan has been scrapped. Gibby said that Josh would have to ‘run at full speed’ before they would let him play again. I guess he must have been able to do it. No word on who will be leaving the roster to make room for Josh, but I’d guess it would be Gio Urshela. Course maybe they could drops someone from the bullpen. I wouldn’t believe the report, if it wasn’t for Sportsnet reporting it.

Welcome to the sixth annual edition of my MLB Trade Value series. The premise of this series is simple The most important deciding factor is skill, but the analysis goes much deeper than that. But Donaldson is 32 years old and Bryant is just 26, meaning Donaldson ’ s production might start to

We hoped you liked reading 2013 Trade Value : #20 – #16 by Dave Cameron! Please support FanGraphs by becoming a member. Rockies will get 2. Tulo gets hurt and is still more valuable than anyone at the most premium position while outperforming his contract.

If you’re hoping Donaldson can at least hit a ton of homers while whiffing a lot, watching him post the highest groundball rate of his career is yet another discouraging sign.

For the Jays to get maximum trade value in return, Donaldson will need to shake off both injuries and all those early-season struggles. The good news is that we’re talking about a player who hit at peak levels last year, batting a huge .270/.385/.559, with 33 homers in just 119 games. At age 32, it’s unlikely that Donaldson has suddenly aged out of his talent. More likely, his 2018 woes stem from a combination of iffy health and a small sample size of at-bats.

So let’s take the optimistic view and assume that Donaldson makes it back healthy next week, immediately rediscovers his best swing, and starts raking to the best of his abilities. In that scenario, what could the Jays get for him between now and July 31?

The answer might largely depend on factors beyond the Blue Jays’ control.

Atkins: Blue Jays ‘not where we want to be’ as trade deadline looms

  Atkins: Blue Jays ‘not where we want to be’ as trade deadline looms Roughly six weeks out from the non-waiver trade deadline, with the Toronto Blue Jays well back in both the American League East and wild card races, general manager Ross Atkins admitted the team is not where it wanted to be. The post Atkins: Blue Jays ‘not where we want to be’ as trade deadline looms appeared first on – Roughly six weeks out from the non-waiver trade deadline, with the Toronto Blue Jays well back in both the American League East and wild card races, general manager Ross Atkins was asked Friday about where on the spectrum his team sits right now.

There’s an expectation that Lawrie won’t match Donaldson ’ s production, hence the three minor leaguers included. While Lawrie will be the player watched most closely in 2015 from He also hasn’t failed yet in pro ball, so his trade value is consistent team-to-team, which helps Oakland if they have

The theory that Oakland was trading Donaldson at his ceiling and acquiring Lawrie at his floor has By trading Donaldson before this inexpensive year, the A’s maximized Donaldson ’ s trade value The 20 ugliest, weirdest and most entertaining baseball brawls since 1976. We asked a toddler to

With Donaldson slated to hit the open market at season’s end, we have to start by eliminating all non-contenders from our discussion, as they’d have little use for two-plus months of Donaldson’s services.

Next, we should eliminate teams that already have mainstay players at third base, either due to their skill, salary, potential, or all of the above. That likely knocks the Cubs (Kris Bryant), Nationals (Anthony Rendon), Brewers (Travis Shaw), Rockies (Nolan Arenado), Mariners (Kyle Seager), Astros (Alex Bregman), Yankees (Miguel Andujar), and Cleveland (Jose Ramirez) out of the running. It probably also knocks the Red Sox out of the race, though there’s a world in which the Sox grow fed up with talented young third baseman Rafael Devers’ growing pains and shoot for the moon too.

So let’s run through the rest of the pack. Here are the teams that could make the most sense for a Donaldson deadline deal, assuming he regains his MVP form in the near future.

Atlanta Braves

The 2018 Braves look a lot like the 1991 Braves: a team built on young, homegrown talent that got really good faster than anyone expected. The emergence of Baby Braves Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson, combined with superstar-in-residence Freddie Freeman, gives Atlanta three-quarters of a killer infield. A bold trade for Donaldson could give the Braves the final piece they need to complete an improbable one-year flip from also-rans to NL East winners.

Richard Griffin: Blue Jays and Donaldson running out of time

  Richard Griffin: Blue Jays and Donaldson running out of time Richard Griffin: Blue Jays and Donaldson running out of timeEditor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

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Donaldson ’ s RBIs should be up, I’ll give you that, but I still think he’ll cost more than he’s worth. They don’t have the high- value players to really launch a prospect revolution. Only Carlos Martinez and Tommy Pham have big trade value (for prospects).

The question is: should the Braves speed up their building process for an immediate shot at the brass ring? If Donaldson’s mashing at a 40-home run pace, would the Braves consider giving up right-hander Mike Soroka for him? As in, Mike Soroka, the youngest pitcher in the majors, owner of knockout stuff and a strong minor league track record, who also happens to be Canadian? At first glance, Soroka might seem untouchable, but remember what the Yankees got back from the Cubs for two months of Aroldis Chapman in 2016.

Atlanta may not be keen on short-circuiting its steady building process for a rental player, plus the market for Baltimore Orioles superstar Manny Machado could impact Donaldson’s value, but Soroka could be a piece in a potential deal.

Los Angeles Angels

One of the most underratedly sad tales in the sports world day is the Angels’ inability to surround the best player on the planet with the kind of talent that would allow all of us to watch Mike Trout pulverize his way deep into October.

With Trout sporting just one playoff berth in his career and just two-plus years from the end of his multi-year megacontract, there’s a sense of urgency growing in Orange County. It was that sense of urgency that led the Angels to transform their infield with the off-season acquisitions of Ian Kinsler and Zack Cozart, to re-sign Justin Upton on a nine-figure deal, and to win the bidding war for sublime two-way star Shohei Ohtani.

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Now the Angels find themselves at a crossroads. A hot start has faded into the rearview mirror; breakout shortstop Andrelton Simmons is on the DL; Cozart might soon join him if the shoulder injury he sustained on Wednesday warrants the rest, and worst of all, we might not see Ohtani until next summer if his UCL injury ends up requiring Tommy John surgery.

Given all that adversity, plus the Angels looking up at not one, but two teams in the AL West standings, should they save their best trade ammunition for another day? Or could ultra-aggressive owner Arte Moreno double down and seek even more star power at the Big A?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Justin Turner cracked his second long ball of the season Wednesday night, a positive sign as he tries to make his way back from a wrist injury that knocked him out for the first month and a half of the season. The problem is wrist injuries tend to linger, and Turner through his first 22 games this year looks nothing like the offensive dynamo we’ve seen in the past three seasons.

If L.A.’s big, bad ginger can’t answer the bell, Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi, and company could be sorely tempted to make a run at a thumper like Donaldson. The Dodgers came within an eyelash of winning it all last season. With Corey Seager out for the year, they’re down a big bat already. But while they’re hewing around .500 instead of making another run at 100 wins, the Dodgers benefit from middling NL West competition this year.

Tao of Stieb: Jays should think twice before moving controllable talent

  Tao of Stieb: Jays should think twice before moving controllable talent The Blue Jays are likely sellers at the trade deadline, but that doesn’t mean they should tear down completely if you ask Tao of Stieb. The post Prospect Of Interest: The 411 on Mattias Samuelsson appeared first on wanting to totally abandon all hope for a miraculous second-half comeback, the most pertinent chatter at this point is focused on what comes next for the Blue Jays.

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The Jays could sorely use a young outfield anchor to complement potential infield stars Guerrero and Bo Bichette, and a 22-year-old with an elite hit tool like Alex Verdugo could fit the bill nicely.

Philadelphia Phillies

The darkhorse of darkhorses, simply because they lost 96 games just a year ago. Still, imagine Donaldson in the middle of this young lineup, complementing a vastly improved pitching staff that might have the horses for a fun playoff run?

The dilemma here is similar to the one faced by the Braves. Do you make exciting young players like Scott Kingery, J.P. Crawford, and others available just to net a rental player, and run the risk of a poor second half resulting in Donaldson not even being able to return to the playoffs?

If you’re a Jays fan, you should be rooting hard for the Braves and Phils to continue their Cinderella stories, so that the potential field of Donaldson suitors could realistically expand.

Then again, with a deep stable of likely available third basemen including all-stars Machado, Mike Moustakas, and others, and many contenders trotting out viable third basemen already, and Donaldson needing both health and a skills rebound to recharge his trade value, Jays fans will need to root for a lot of things to go right in these next six weeks.

Top Blue Jays trade candidate Donaldson out at least another week .
The 2018 season hasn't been the contract year Josh Donaldson had in mind. Now it's getting just a little bit worse. Donaldson, the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman who's been on the shelf since May 28 with a nagging calf injury, isn't expected to return to the lineup until at least June 29 when the Jays came back from a road trip to host the Detroit Tigers. Manager John Gibbons wouldn't rule Donaldson out for the team's upcoming series inDonaldson, the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman who's been on the shelf since May 28 with a nagging calf injury, isn't expected to return to the lineup until at least June 29 when the Jays came back from a road trip to host the Detroit Tigers.


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