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The best iPhone camera tricks to try today

Monday  07:51,   24 april 2017

<p>The iPhone is much more than a point-and-shoot camera - these are the cool features you need to know about.</p>In particular, we're going to focus on iPhone - Apple's been known for the quality of its smartphone cameras down the years, and[...]

7 Ways To Protect Your Social Media Account from Hackers

Monday  07:51,   24 april 2017
International Business Times

Hackers could steal your private information through your social media accounts. Protect yourself with these seven tips.However, there are ways to protect your accounts from hackers while uploading selfies and posting on social[...]

6 Cool Exoplanets That Might Support Aliens

Monday  06:55,   24 april 2017
International Business Times

Not all exoplanets are created equal — some are much more likely to be harboring alien life.But until we visit these other planets and take a look around, we won’t know for sure. That’s especially since some scientists believe many potentially[...]

There’s an anti-dog label inside the Galaxy S8 — here’s what it means

Sunday  18:55,   23 april 2017
The Verge

&nbsp;Not a chew[...]

Jaguar ReRun App Lets F-Type Owners Record And Share Their Driving Highlights

Sunday  17:57,   23 april 2017

The Jaguar ReRun app, the first official automotive collaboration with GoPro, lets F-Type owners view and share the highlights of their driving exploits.Chevrolet makes available a built-in camera for the Corvette and Camaro to record track rats’[...]

LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which one's better?

Sunday  17:57,   23 april 2017

Don't want the Galaxy S8, but can't decide between LG and Google's phones? We'll help.They're both great devices, but the G6 and Pixel XL have different strengths. To help decide which one is right for you, I evaluated how they[...]

Musk Nearing $1.4 Billion Windfall as Tesla Achieves Milestones

Sunday  15:06,   23 april 2017

(Bloomberg) -- Only six remaining milestones stand between Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk and an estimated $1.4 billion windfall for the carmaker’s billionaire chief executive officer. Musk, who was awarded 5.27 million stock options in 2012 tied to Tesla[...]

The simple way to download anything from SoundCloud

Sunday  15:06,   23 april 2017
The Daily Dot

Aspiring rappers used to hustle in parking lots, selling mixtapes out of the trunk of their cars. Now they’re posting on SoundCloud. The streaming platform is where major artists like Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West drop surprise albums and [...]

The Next Car You Buy Could Be Your Last -- The Robo-Taxi Era Is Closer Than You Think

Sunday  15:06,   23 april 2017

In large cities, the cheapest, most convenient way to travel will likely be in shared, self-driving electric taxis, which will account for as many as one-quarter of all U.S. miles travels by 2030, according to new research.&nbsp;If you live in a [...]

Artificially bright clouds might save the Great Barrier Reef

Sunday  10:21,   23 april 2017

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is dying due to changes in ocean temperature, and conventional attempts to save it (such as improving water quality or limiting fishing) haven't panned out.&nbsp;Most likely, this would work by spraying[...]

Apple self-driving car testing plan gives clues to tech program

Sunday  09:45,   23 april 2017

<p>Apple Inc outlined a plan to train operators of self-driving cars in documents submitted to California regulators earlier this month, the latest clues to the company's autonomous vehicle technology aspirations.</p>Apple was granted a[...]

China's first cargo spacecraft docks with orbiting space lab

Sunday  09:06,   23 april 2017

China's first cargo spacecraft docked successfully with the Tiangong-2 space lab on Saturday, the official Xinhua news agency reported, marking a major step toward Beijing's goal of establishing a permanently manned space station by 2022.[...]

What recall? Samsung S8 buyers expected to leave smoky past behind

Sunday  06:51,   23 april 2017

Newly released research from SurveyMonkey and Creative Strategies found&nbsp;the Note 7 recalls had no impact on the interest in the Galaxy S8 and S+ for 53.7% of those surveyed. Among current Samsung smartphone users, 65.2% were unbothered by[...]

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung grabs the smartphone design crown

Sunday  06:05,   23 april 2017

There's nothing on the market that compares with Samsung's latestWhen a few colleagues started talking up the Galaxy S8 after an early preview, I remained skeptical. Yes, the company had been taking big steps forward in industrial design[...]

Pinterest fixes its broken visual search tool for Chrome

Sunday  05:55,   23 april 2017

Pinterest thought it launched something cool when it added visual search to its Chrome browser in March.&nbsp;Here's how it works: it looks for the most interesting rectangle by taking a screenshot of the page and downgrading it. The extension[...]