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Space-mining may be only a decade away. Really.

Friday  19:06,   28 april 2017
The Washington Post

Investors wonder: Is oil the water of the coming Space Age?It may be to Middle Eastern oil states like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are looking at space as a way to diversify out of the earthly benefits of fossil[...]

China's Didi Raises Over $5.5 Billion in Record Tech Funding

Friday  19:02,   28 april 2017

Ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing raised more than $5.5 billion from investors, scoring the largest round of funding ever for a technology company to bankroll an expansion beyond China and into driver-less technology. Didi, which drove Uber[...]

BlackBerry to launch its KEYOne phone in May

Friday  18:56,   28 april 2017
The Week

Former mobile giant turns its focus to smartphone software and autonomous techAccording to TechRadar, the phone, which debuted at this year's World Mobile Congress, will go on sale on 5[...]

Google's search for non-ad revenue puts spotlight on cloud, Pixel

Friday  18:51,   28 april 2017

To be sure, Google's cloud venture is still much smaller than market leader Inc's Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Corp's Azure.Not any[...]

Facebook's Messenger Lite expands to 132 more countries

Friday  18:41,   28 april 2017

From the text-only Facebook Zero way back in 2010, to more recent Project Aquila, Mark Zuckerberg and company have made it clear that reaching the developing world is a huge priority for the company. Facebook's head of Messenger David[...]

Acer Predator Triton 700 packs gaming laptop power without the bulk

Friday  18:36,   28 april 2017

Acer has been showing off a host of new kit but what’s got us most excited is its new gaming laptop, the Acer Predator Triton 700. The Acer Predator Triton 700 is the company’s flagship gaming laptop so it’s packing some serious specs in[...]

Nintendo Announces New 2DS XL Portable

Friday  14:56,   28 april 2017
International Business Times

The new Nintendo 2DS XL will arrive in North America on July 29 for $149.99.Unlike the original 2DS, the Nintendo 2DS XL features a clamshell design that’s similar to the 3DS. The original 2DS featured a wedge-shaped design with a smaller overall[...]

Elon Musk made a stealth visit to China this week

Friday  14:45,   28 april 2017

Over the past two years, American tech CEOs eager to break into the elusive China market have made a habit of posing for the cameras…On Tuesday (April 25), state newswire Xinhua tweeted a photo of Tesla founder Elon Musk meeting in person with Wang[...]

Scientists Recover Ancient Human DNA From Cave Dirt

Friday  14:41,   28 april 2017
International Business Times

The breakthrough could lead to the creation of techniques that may allow scientists to study humans' evolutionary history without relying solely on hard-to-find skeletal remains.In a study published Thursday in the journal Science, a team of[...]

Google+ 'Topics' highlight active users and communities

Friday  14:35,   28 april 2017

Google's latest feature for its social network can make your home stream look a little bit less lonely. By exploring the topics listed, you could find new or hidden communities and individuals who share your interest. It could also show [...]

Apple Wants iPhones To Charge Via Wi-Fi, Patent Shows

Friday  14:33,   28 april 2017
International Business Times

Apple is looking for a way to let you charge your iPhone via Wi-Fi, a patent made public Thursday shows.Apple is looking into the possibility of charging iPhones through medium to long distance wireless charging technologies, a U.S. Patent and[...]

Four of the wildest ideas from Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Friday  12:21,   28 april 2017

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has a lot in common with Tesla's Elon Musk. They also have big ideas for the future. While Musk's ideas span everything including computer interfaces for your brain, Bezos' plans seem to focus on the[...]

Facebook lets content owners claim ad earnings of pirated videos

Friday  12:21,   28 april 2017

Facebook finally has a better solution to freebooting -- the common practice of stealing someone your video and uploading it to their Facebook Page to reap the engagement and audience growth. Today's update to the Facebook Rights Manager tool[...]

Why don’t more smartwatches have a flashlight?

Friday  12:21,   28 april 2017
The Verge

Acer announced a lot of new products today: powerful gaming laptops, fancy monitors to go with them, and even a 360-degree camera that can make voice calls. One item on that list was the Leap Ware smartwatch. Now, I don’t want to be mean without[...]

The next generation of VR enhancements coming to HTC Vive

Friday  12:21,   28 april 2017

The first year of consumer virtual reality has been exciting, to be sure, but ask anybody in the industry, and they'll tell you that it's only the beginning. The first year of consumer virtual reality has been exciting, to be sure,[...]