Technology Amazon's Alexa lands on the HTC U11, and it works like it should

15:11  17 july  2017
15:11  17 july  2017 Source:   Engadget

Why Amazon might want a deal with Dish

  Why Amazon might want a deal with Dish It makes total sense that Amazon is thinking about wireless.The potential tie-up could give Amazon access to a whole new range of capabilities, according to the Journal, from selling cellphone service to Prime members to giving Amazon's package delivery drones more connectivity in the air. For Dish, a partnership with one of the world's largest retailers could prove extremely lucrative and give chief executive Charlie Ergen something to do with the massive stockpile of airwaves he's sitting on.

As promised, HTC is finally making it possible for owners of its U 11 smartphone to install Amazon ' s Alexa . More importantly, this is the first time Alexa really works the way it should on a smartphone. Remember Huawei's Mate 9?

With its monochrome paint job and blue, circular eyes, it looks a little like Wall-E' s Eva — or at least her head, in some kind of prototype form. The Int-Ball could make astronauts more efficient on the ISS. JAXA says crew members spend 10 percent of their working hours with a camera in hand

  Amazon's Alexa lands on the HTC U11, and it works like it should © Provided by Engadget As promised, HTC is finally making it possible for owners of its U11 smartphone to install Amazon's Alexa. Starting today, those in the US who need yet another voice interface can download the HTC Alexa app from the Google Play Store -- we're told localized versions of Alexa are coming to other countries in the coming weeks. For those keeping count, that brings the U11's virtual assistant count to three: Google Assistant is also on-board, along with HTC's non-chatty Sense Companion.

Unsurprisingly, the company doesn't think three assistants are overkill. VP of product planing Nigel Newby-House sees these three options as complementary, and on some level, he's got a point. Sense Companion offers non-spoken suggestions and reminders based on your behavior, and Google Assistant still reigns supreme when it comes to general questions. And Alexa? Well, she's got quite a few skills to tap into -- more than 15,000 in fact.

Alexa notifies you when Amazon has shipped your package

  Alexa notifies you when Amazon has shipped your package The feature will work for other Alexa skills in the future.Amazon's Alexa notifications are available for the Echo, the Echo Dot and the Echo Show. Based on the new help page published on the company's website, the Echo and the Echo Dot's light ring will display a pulsing yellow light when there's a new notification, while the Echo Show will display a banner at the top of its screen.

The hardware should juggle many more transactions ( like purchases at an online store) even as it boosts their overall security. Naturally, there are catches to this utopian vision of internet security. While IBM plays an important role in online commerce

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More importantly, this is the first time Alexa really works the way it should on a smartphone. Remember Huawei's Mate 9? Its Alexa integration felt unsatisfying because wake-words didn't work the way you'd expect. Talking to Alexa required launching a Huawei Alexa app first -- so much for having a hands-free assistant. Once installed, just saying Alexa's name within earshot of the U11 is all it takes to get her attention. I've found no real difference between what Alexa can do on the U11 versus an Echo or Echo Dot. I haven't been able to test those thousands Alexa skills, but the ones I use most regularly all work just fine.

I spent much of the weekend listening to the U11 play the audiobooks and music I craved, and occasionally asking for cat jokes and attempting 7-minute workouts. (You know, because those last two things go together so well.) Hardly anything went iffy during testing, and the things that did were understandable consequences of squeezing Alexa into a phone. Iffy mobile data connections sometimes delayed Alexa's (normally quick) responses, and since the U11 lacks the Echo's far-field microphone array, I sometimes had to yell for Alexa to notice me when I wasn't close. My only real complaint: if HTC's Alexa app can't recognize what you're saying, it keeps the screen on until you tap the microphone icon to try again or dismiss the Alexa window.

Amazon wins India's approval to invest in domestic food retail

  Amazon wins India's approval to invest in domestic food retail <p>Online retail giant Inc has secured approval to stock and sell food and groceries in India, potentially expanding its business in the fast-growing economy where it is in a pitched battle with home-grown rival Flipkart.</p>Amazon confirmed winning government approval for its plan to sell food products, but it declined to provide further details.

They should help bring hypersonic flight to a "range of applications," according to HIFiRE partner BAE. That could easily include ultra-fast aircraft, but it ' s widely believed the focus here is on missiles and similar unmanned weapons.

HTC calls this "Edge Sense," and it basically works like a "convenience key" that you can program for different features. Google has reportedly been aggressive toward electronics companies shipping Amazon ' s Alexa software, telling HTC says this should result in a more accurate voice transcription.

Since the U11 supports dual wake-words, calling out to Google Assistant and Alexa separately works like a charm. And given the U11's fondness for squeezing, it's probably no surprise the phone's Edge Sense can also be used to activate Alexa, too. This doesn't just feel gimmicky -- it sort of defeats Alexa's entire purpose. Still, more options are always appreciated, and its touches like these that help set HTC's approach to Alexa apart from the pack. That pack is still admittedly pretty small, but that won't be the case for long -- we already know Motorola is bringing Alexa to its smartphones, and we'd be shocked if they were the last.

Amazon is reportedly working on a messaging app called Anytime . is reportedly working on launching its own messaging app called Anytime, according to a report from AFTV News.&nbsp;AFTV News explains that Anytime appears to be “an all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks,” with a focus on messaging, voice and video calls, and photo sharing, with users able to apply filters to pictures and videos, @mention other users, use sticker and Gifs, and play games. Users would be able to call (audio and video) other individuals or groups, contact businesses to order products or make reservations.


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