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14:07  07 december  2017
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Qualcomm made a USB-C DAC to show off its hi-fi audio tech

  Qualcomm made a USB-C DAC to show off its hi-fi audio tech If you're familiar with the name Qualcomm at all, you may know them best as the maker of Snapdragon processors that power many, if not most, of the market's leading smartphones.Of course, per Qualcomm's usual way of doing business, the company isn't selling these devices directly to consumers, but the DAC will be available to headphone makers "for 2018 products." And to be clear, Qualcomm already makes DACs and audio codecs, but this is its first USB-C Hi-Fi DAC.

The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. Although Qualcomm is naturally tight-lipped about its next flagship mobile platform, we’re pretty sure the company is gearing up to launch a new product – the Snapdragon 845 .

New Delhi. Email Author. Most of the flagship smartphones next year are expected to rock Qualcomm 's next big SoC, Snapdragon 845 . Sanket Vijayasarathy. WhatsApp Live Location feature works better on Android than iOS in India.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: All the best new features© Expert Reviews Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: All the best new features If you bought a flagship smartphone in 2017, the chances are it was powered by the Snapdragon 835. The Sony XZ Premium, OnePlus 5 and 5T, HTC U11 and the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 all had Qualcomm’s top-end smartphone processor inside.

Next year, the chip behind the biggest and best smartphones is going to be the Snapdragon 845, and with Qualcomm just releasing full details of its new chip, we’ve rounded up the platforms five best new features.

1. Better camera quality

When a new phone is launched, most of the coverage of the camera focuses on the hardware: things like the resolution, aperture and pixel size all have a profound effect on image quality. Increasingly, though – as proved by the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 – the quality of the photographs and video you get from your phone is being influenced by the power of the processor behind it.

Qualcomm adds security, battery life features to phone chips

  Qualcomm adds security, battery life features to phone chips <p>Qualcomm Inc on Wednesday revealed new security and battery life features on its latest Snapdragon 845 mobile phone processor, a chip that customarily powers high-end Android-based phones from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and others.</p>The chips are increasingly important to Qualcomm's financial picture while its patent licensing business is under attack from Apple Inc.

A new top-end Qualcomm chipset is allegedly already in development, paving the way for next year’s flagship smartphones. US chipmaker Qualcomm is a global leader for smartphone processors, which explains why its chips feature in most high-end phones in the market.

Samsung Just Unveiled The Best New Feature Of Galaxy S9. Snapdragon 845 (unofficial name) should be presented next month, however, contrary to what was said, can keep the manufacturing in 10nm.

The Snapdragon 845 brings a number of improvements on the camera front, and most of this is due to an improved ISP (image signal processor) – the Spectra 280.

The chip supports faster, 60fps multi-frame noise reduction at resolutions up to 16 megapixels, which should mean next year’s phone camera’s will perform even better in low light.

a circuit board© Provided by Dennis Publishing Limited

There’s a new type of photo mode in the offing, too, called ImMotion. It’ll probably go by another name by the time it appears in a phone, but it looks intriguing allowing users to designate parts of still images to be captured as video.

Also on the cards is improved blurry background portrait photography without the need for a dual camera setup and more advanced facial recognition support.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit

  Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit Apple has denied the claims that it violated Qualcomm's battery life patents and alleged that Qualcomm's patents were invalid, a common move in such cases. But on Wednesday, in a filing in U.S. District Court in San Diego, Apple revised its answer to Qualcomm's complaint with accusations of its own. Apple alleges it owns at least eight battery life patents that Qualcomm has violated.The Apple patents involve ensuring each part of a phone's processor draws only the minimum power needed, turning off parts of the processor when they are not needed and making sleep and wake functions work better.

Snapdragon 845 chipset to not feature dedicated AI core [Rumor]. MehVishAugust 30, 2017. Shares0. Qualcomm releases new Snapdragon 450 chipset for mid-range devices. Nuzhat NJune 30, 2017.

Weibo, hints at Xiaomi pushing Qualcomm to customise and optimise their next generation chip, The Snapdragon 845 for the Top 10 New Features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update That You Were Waiting for. Gadgets. 6 Best Black Friday Deals on Gaming Accessories You Should Not Miss.

Video features include the ability to shoot video compatible with the Ultra HD Premium standard at up to 60fps, and improved EIS (electronic image stablisation) for even smoother handheld video footage.

2. Faster performance

Qualcomm’s mobile chips typically receive a performance boost in each generation and the Snapdragon 845 is no different. The octa-core Kryo 385 inside the 845 delivers a speed bump of between 25% and 30% for the high power quad-core CPU, and a 15% boost for the “efficiency”.

In terms of clock speeds that means the 845 will run at up to 2.8GHz, up from the 835’s 2.45GHz.

There’s a new GPU inside the Snapdragon 845 as well, which will provide a similar level of performance improvement. The Adreno 630 is 30% faster according to Qualcomm.

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3. Longer battery life

One thing the Snapdragon 835 delivered in spades was battery life and with the 845, Qualcomm is promising more power efficiency savings. It won’t be doing that by moving to a new manufacturing process - surprising as Samsung’s 8nm chip-making process is now reportedly ready for manufacture.

Qualcomm files new patent infringement complaints against Apple

  Qualcomm files new patent infringement complaints against Apple <p>Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) said on Thursday it filed three new patent infringement complaints against Apple Inc (AAPL.O), saying there were 16 more of its patents that Apple was using in its iPhones.</p>The new complaints represent the latest development in a long-standing dispute and follows Apple's countersuit on Wednesday against Qualcomm, which alleged that Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile phone chips infringed on Apple patents.

Qualcomm 's complaint against Apple that was filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC) also lists the upcoming Snapdragon 845 chipset. The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse.

Qualcomm and LG have reportedly started working together on the upcoming Snapdragon 845 The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. Our main newsletter is the Android Weekly which is sent every Sunday and contains all the top Android news, reviews and features from the past week.

Instead, the 845’s better power efficiency is achieved through a series of architectural changes. The GPU’s greater power enables it to be 30% more power efficient than before, for instance, and there’s a new 3MB “system cache”, usable not only by the CPU but also other parts of the 845 such as the GPU and the modem, and this helps reduce memory power consumption.

There's also an improved version of fast charging here – Quick Charge 4+ – which will charge your phone from empty to 50% in 15 minutes.

4. Faster connectivity and better Bluetooth

The Snapdragon 835 was the first chip to introduce gigabit 4G to smartphones and the 845 ups the ante another notch, moving this time to a top speed of 1.2Gbits/sec.

Aside from that, the 845 makes better use of unlicensed spectrum which means its a little easier for network operators to reach gigabit speeds.

The improvements don’t just focus on cellular speed, though. The chip has “more robust” 802.11ac Wi-Fi that should mean phones will connect more quickly to nearby networks with less waiting around.

It also has support for Bluetooth 5, but with proprietary enhancements that allow for the broadcast of an audio signal to multiple devices simultaneously. That means you’ll be able to hook up your phone to a bunch of speakers for a boost in volume, or share your playlist with others wearing headphones nearby.

This enhancement also means that independently wireless earbuds such as the Bragi Dash Pro could, in future, benefit from a battery life boost.

5. Better security

As we rely more on our phones to do everything, from banking to booking holidays and paying for goods in shops, security is becoming increasingly important. And the last big new feature for the Snapdragon 845 is its Secure Processing unit (SPU).

This is a separate component within the 845 with its own processing core, memory and random number generator. The idea is that privacy-sensitive operations, such as fingerprint, iris or facial recognition can now be carried out entirely within the confines of the SPU, without that sensitive data having to be transferred in and out of less secure areas of the SoC.

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