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16:02  26 december  2017
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Three Fascinating Questions About The New iMac Pro

  Three Fascinating Questions About The New iMac Pro Apple has released the iMac Pro before the end of 2017. It’s clear that Apple has released a powerful machine.Get Your Choices Right The First Time

By David Nield 2017-12-25T10:00:39.358Z. If you've been lucky enough to find a brand new laptop under the tree this Christmas - or maybe you just bought one for yourself - then you've got a host of options when it comes to picking out some extra hardware and upgrades

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Courtesy of T3: T3 image© Courtesy of T3 T3 image If you've been lucky enough to find a brand new laptop under the tree this Christmas - or maybe you just bought one for yourself - then you've got a host of options when it comes to picking out some extra hardware and upgrades, no matter what your needs or budget.

Whether you want to protect your new machine, add a bit of extra storage, or do more with it, we've got some choices for you - complete with our picks of the best products and prices you can find on the web at the moment. Enjoy your post-Christmas shopping!

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1. External hard drive

a man on a laptop© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Everyone loves external hard drives - not for their aesthetic appeal, but for the masses of extra storage that come along with them, so you've got plenty of room for your ever-expanding collection of photos, movies, music, and so on.

Apple may let the same app work on across iOS and Macs

  Apple may let the same app work on across iOS and Macs The app situation between iPhones and Macs is a bit of a mess. While mobile apps are updated regularly, the Mac App Store can often leave something to be desired. According to insider sources, the same app will be able to respond to a mouse, a touch pad or a touch screen, depending on the device it's being run on. Right now, apps must be designed separately for the iPhone and iPad versus for a computer, which explains why you can occasionally find tumbleweeds rolling across the screen when you pull up the Mac App Store. If developers must choose to devote resources to one or the other, the computer apps often get shortchanged.

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Here is a list of that Firefox add - ons for Android make the browser just as awesome on your smartphone as it is on your PC. Even if you use a new Android handset with a 5 inch screen and HD resolution, it is not equivalent of your laptop screen eventually!

You can also use an external drive as a backup solution, or just to keep all your personal files on, so your operating system has more room to breathe (which should keep performance as nippy as possible).

It's a good idea to always buy more storage than you think you need, if your budget can take it. Portable, USB-powered drives are a good option to go alongside laptops, though full-sized drives powered by the mains typically offer more storage.

2. Laptop bag

a woman holding a piece of luggage© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Keep your computer safe and add a touch of style at the same time with a well-chosen laptop bag - if you get this choice right you can make it look like you've got a much more expensive laptop than you actually do.

You need to start with your laptop's screen size and work forward from there. You might well come across official bags from the same manufacturer, but as long as you get the size right, you can go for just about anything to hold your laptop.

NASA astronauts watch 'Star Wars: Last Jedi' in space

  NASA astronauts watch 'Star Wars: Last Jedi' in space If you're buddies with members of the International Space Station crew, feel free to talk spoilers with them now.Astronauts aboard the International Space Station astronauts got their chance to watch "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," NASA said, enjoying an an out-of-this-world movie night.

Here are our five favorite Dropbox add - ons to supercharge your storage. It will take actions based on triggers in your Dropbox account, so you could tell it to automatically upload new photos to Flickr or convert new documents into the PDF format, for example.

7 Essential Add - ons that you must download for Kodi Media Player. It’s available on every device – from smartphones to laptops – and it’s also open source, which mean there’s hundreds of addons that can make it even better.

Strong protection is a must, and if you tend to carry a lot of gear around with you then make sure there are enough pockets and internal compartments to cope.

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3. External monitor

a man standing in front of a computer© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

One of the selling points of a laptop is its portability, but if it's also going to spend a lot of time sat on your desk, think about investing in an external monitor for it.

The benefits are obvious - much, much more room for you to get your spreadsheets, webpages, videos, and other stuff up on display. You can either mirror your laptop screen on the external monitor or get Windows or macOS to treat them both separately, so you could type out your emails on one display while watching Netflix on another.

Again you've got plenty of competing products to choose from, to fit in with whatever budget you're working to. Just make sure you've got room for the monitor on your desk, and that it uses the same connection standards as your laptop.

9 waterproof phones you'll want right now

  9 waterproof phones you'll want right now The iPhone X is the latest high-end phone to feature water resistance. But there are others that are just as splash-friendly.These days, though, most high-end flagships come with some level of protection against water. In addition to the latest Apple iPhones, Samsung, Google and LG all have waterproof marquee handsets that satisfy the IP67 (or higher) standard.

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4. Multi-port hub

a laptop on a table© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

As laptops have become thinner and lighter, they've also started to ditch most of their ports, a trend pretty much kicked off by Apple's very thin and very light 2015 MacBook, with a single USB-C port and a headphone jack.

If your new laptop is a little low on sockets, ports, slots and so on, then a hub might be just what you need to get all your peripherals connected and your memory cards read and your external drives hooked up. Work out the kind of ports you're going to need, then find a hub that fits the bill.

Be sure to check online reviews before parting with your cash, and choose something that complements the look and design of your laptop if at all possible.

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5. Wired or wireless headphones

a wooden table© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Most laptops don't have the greatest sound systems installed - space is at a premium in this type of computer after all - but you don't have to settle for subpar audio if you pick up some wired or wireless headphones.

Maybe Bluetooth is the way to go considering laptop ports seem to be at a premium these days, but it's really up to you which make and model you go for. You don't have to spend all that much money to get an audio experience that's going to be a big upgrade on whatever your laptop's built-in speakers can muster.

Chrome OS will finally run Android apps in the background

  Chrome OS will finally run Android apps in the background While it's no longer a novelty to run Android apps on your Chromebook, that doesn't mean they run well. There's no guarantee that Android Parallel Tasks will reach the stable Chrome OS 64, so you might not want to plan a purchase around the feature. With that said, it's hard to imagine Google leaving this out. This is a major step toward Android becoming fully integrated with Chrome OS, and arguably a step toward making Chrome OS behave like you'd expect if you're coming from a more conventional computing platform.

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Give Google's cloud-based office apps some extra oomph with these eight essential add - ons . The aptly named Change Case changes that: Add the app into Docs, and it'll give you a new menu option to shift any text into whatever styling you might need.

To help you make your choice we've previously rounded up lists of the best wireless headphones, the best noise-cancelling headphones, the best headphones under £100, and the best in-ear headphones, so you should find something to suit.

6. Stylus

a close up of a knife© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Owners of Apple laptops can look away now, but if you've got a touchscreen computer made by Microsoft, Google or anyone else then a stylus can be a worthy investment.

It's not just for drawing, though of course a stylus gives you a lot more options to work with when it comes to getting creative with your laptop. Having some kind of pen device also makes it easier to get around your applications, use handwriting as an input option, and even play some games.

Don't forget the Google Pixelbook can run Android apps too, like a lot of other Chromebooks, so you've got the option of using a stylus to operate apps as well as browse the web.

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7. Mouse

a close up of a computer keyboard© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Trackpads are fine as far as they go, and on the very best laptops they're very responsive and accurate, but there are some tasks that really work better with a mouse - like image editing, video editing, and of course gaming.

If your laptop has a port of some kind you can hook up a cabled mouse, or you can go wireless and attach a mouse via Bluetooth, which might be preferable if you're often on the move with your laptop. You've got options in all shapes and sizes and colours.

Those of you who are planning to do some gaming with your computer might want to look at mice made specifically for that purpose, which usually have extra buttons and controls added to keep you ahead of the game.

China reportedly tests new ballistic weapon that flies under radar .
A US government source told The Diplomat this week that China has conducted flight tests of a missile equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). HGVs are similar to traditional ballistic missile systems in that they can deliver a payload, be it conventional or nuclear, to a distant target. But HGVs fly at lower altitudes than typical ballistic missiles, meaning existing missile defense systems might initially miss them since those defense systems typically scan higher altitudes. There's a functional tradeoff, however, because when HGVs start to descend, they fly much slower than traditional ballistic missiles.


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