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15:06  09 february  2018
15:06  09 february  2018 Source:   The Verge

Facebook will prioritize local stories in your News Feed

  Facebook will prioritize local stories in your News Feed You may start seeing more posts from local publishers popping up in your News Feed. Facebook announced today that it will begin prioritizing local news, bumping it up higher in your feed if you follow a local publisher's Page or if a friend shares a locally-published story. "We are prioritizing local news as a part of our emphasis on high-quality news, and with today's update, stories from local news publishers may appear higher in News Feed for followers in publishers' geographic areas," Facebook said in the announcement.This isn't Facebook's only shift towards local news.

Facebook comment moderation tool. Ask Question. up vote 9 down vote favorite. I have done as by your and fb instructions (which are the same) but I do not see comments in the moderation tool, it is empty :/ I use only fg:app_id tag.

Facebook confirmed this new feature to TechCrunch, saying “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. Tag: Facebook . 32 comments . Macrumors removed their downvote button about what, 5 years ago?

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Today, screenshots depicting a new “downvote” button on Facebook began circulating on Twitter, leading some to speculate that the social network is actively testing a ranking mechanism similar to Reddit’s community-controlled comment system. The company has officially confirmed the test to The Verge, but a Facebook spokesperson says it’s only intended to be a method for flagging questionable comments on public posts.

Tapping the downvote button hides the comment for the user who taps it, then asks them to say whether the comment was “offensive,” “misleading,” or “off topic.” Downvote view counts not being visible to users. “We are not testing a dislike button,” a Facebook spokesperson writes. “We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the US only.”

People spent 50 million hours less per day on Facebook last quarter

  People spent 50 million hours less per day on Facebook last quarter <p>People are spending less time on Facebook — and CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims that’s by design.</p>Zuckerberg said that people spent “roughly 50 million hours” per day less on Facebook last quarter. Zuckerberg said that “we made changes” in order for that time decrease to happen, and added that “focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business will be stronger over the long term.

They are only important for testing while in sandbox mode (need to add testers , ect.) but after that there for moderation only . Having trouble setting moderators for Facebook comments social plugin.

Facebook comment moderation implemented but not working. Facebook like button error - blocked frame. 1493. How does Facebook disable the browser's integrated Developer Tools?

The last time last Facebook considered a feature resembling a “dislike” button, it resulted in the introduction of reactions on its mobile app and website back in 2016. Those emoji-like animations give users a wider breadth of responses to cover more complex emotions, like a friend’s reaction to a sad or reflective post about a lost loved one. It seems likely that the downvote button, if it does ever launch, will start off restricted to public posts as a way to help users self-moderate sprawling threaded comment sections under news articles, as an example.

Even if it remains a simplified moderation tool, the button may still have a larger role to play in Facebook’s design roadmap down the line. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pledged this year to reorient the way his company prioritizes posts and organizes information, with an emphasis on “meaningful posts” shared by friends and family and a reduction in posts from brand pages and media organizations.

Facebook launches $10 million community leader awards

  Facebook launches $10 million community leader awards Facebook launched a community leadership program on Friday that will award $10 million in total to more than 100 people who have successfully built groups on the social network as part of its push to create "meaningful" interactions.The initiative, announced at a Facebook Communities Summit in London, will give five people with a track record in creating groups up to $1 million to fund a project, Facebook's Jennifer Dulski said.

Click the Get Code button to generate your comments plugin code. 1. App-based moderation view: Go to developers. facebook .com/tools/ comments . You will get a list of all your Facebook apps, which lets you moderate all comments associated with each app.

I don’t think a button is specifically needed for reporting a downvote abuse as any form of abuse cc: @genius- moderation . November 11th, 2016 | edited November 11th, 2016. VinylZombie_MCR. Upvote +0 Downvote . Hello @Wapunguissa It was in the comments below the song. Now it’s gone.

Giving users the ability to help regulate public behavior on the platform, much like Reddit does, could help Facebook gather data and insight into the types of discussions users are interested in having. It would also help the company understand the tone and content of comments that float to the top, and those that get downvoted into invisibility. All of this could better inform Facebook’s quest to foster “meaningful” interactions, just as the company is using user surveys right now to gauge public perception of news sources.

Facebook loses Belgian privacy case, faces fine up to $125 million .
A Belgian court threatened Facebook with a fine of up to 100 million euros ($125 million) if it continued to break privacy laws by tracking people on third party websites. In a case brought by Belgium's privacy watchdog, the court also ruled on Friday that Facebook had to delete all data it had gathered illegally on Belgian citizens, including people who were not Facebook users themselves.Facebook, which will be fined 250,000 euros a day or up to 100 million euros if it does not comply with the court's judgment, said in a statement it would appeal the ruling.

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