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Technology Motorola Razr is coming back and it's gunning for the Samsung Galaxy X

15:31  18 may  2018
15:31  18 may  2018 Source:

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It ' s a smartphone was as we pit the Motoral Razr against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But which comes out on top? Motorola Razr Measuring 4.3-inches across the new Motorola Razr plays host to a Super AMOLED Plus display that is stunningly sharp, vibrant and responsive.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a dang good-looking handset. It has customized plastic back plate and got nice contour curve while, Motorola Droid RAZR is built with stainless steel and Gorilla Glass and Kevlar coating.

Courtesy of T3: T3 image© Courtesy of T3 T3 image Motorola is working on a folding phone which could well carry the iconic Motorola Razr branding. It recently filed a filed a patent for a foldable smartphone and in February 2017 its CEO strongly hinted that the the firm wants to refresh and reintroduce the Razr design.

If brought to market, this new handset would be in direct competition with the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X, folding iPhone and Huawei's foldable phone.

Now, filing for a patent doesn't necessarily mean the phone will ever go into production, but there's a second thread to this story that strongly suggests that a) Motorola is preparing to launch a folding phone and b) that phone is going to be a reboot of the much-loved Motorola Razr, but one that won't look like the original.

OnePlus 6 leak reveals more of its glass-centric design

  OnePlus 6 leak reveals more of its glass-centric design OnePlus has been dribbling out details of its next phone for weeks on end, but one retailer may have revealed more than OnePlus was ready to show. WinFuture spotted an Amazon Germany listing (since removed) for the OnePlus 6 that included full images of the device -- no murky photos or teases here. True to expectations, the handset is dominated by its 6.3-inch display (complete with notch) at the front, and a glass back on at least the "mirror black" model. There's also a "midnight black" variant that appears to have a matte finish, although it's not certain this means a switch to aluminum.

Actually speaking it will be easier for one to say at the end that Samsung ’ s all new Galaxy S 3 smartphone is powerful than Motorola Razr , but yes it do gives some tough competition in some parameters like Kevlar use in the back panel etc.

An Intel Atom processor and Android Ice Cream sandwich on board mean that the Motorola Razr i is squaring up to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Can the Motorola Razr i take on the likes of the iPhone 5, Samung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X ? It ' s certainly going to try and with popular models such as

a screenshot of a cell phone: Motorola foldable phone concept© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Motorola foldable phone concept The Motorola Razr originally came out in 2004, with a cool clamshell design and glowing keypad. It proved a massive hit, selling over 50 million units by July 2006. But by 2010, despite several Razr updates and reboots, tastes had changed as people moved to larger-screened phones such as the iPhone, which first launched in 2007. And lo, the Razr was abandoned.

But speaking to TechRadar in February 2017, Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo (which owns the Motorola brand) revealed an interesting bit of news. He said: "With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola Razr brand] will be developed or realised very soon".

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  Oxygen presence in distant galaxy sheds light on early universe <p>After detecting a whiff of oxygen, astronomers have determined that stars in a faraway galaxy formed 250 million years after the Big Bang -- a rather short time in cosmic terms -- in a finding that sheds light on conditions in the early universe.</p>Their research, published on Wednesday, provides insight into star formation in perhaps the most distant galaxy ever observed. The scientists viewed the galaxy, called MACS1149-JD1, as it existed roughly 550 million years after the Big Bang, which gave rise to the universe about 13.8 billion years ago.

When Google and Samsung released the much-anticipated Galaxy Nexus smartphone, it won several accolades - first for its Ice Cream Sandwich The Droid Razr Maxx comes equipped with 32GB of total memory, Motorola said in a statement. Let' s see how Galaxy Nexus fares against Droid Maxx

Recently one of Motorola ’ s officials admitted that there may be room for a RAZR comeback . He answered a question at MWC, related to the fact that Nokia was bringing back devices. Flexible Device Has Scrollable Part Coming Out What If the Samsung Galaxy S 9 Had a Notch?

TechRadar speculated as to whether we would see an updated Motorola Razr in its original form factor, an entirely new design with Razr branding, or both.

That question now appears to have been answered by Motorola. Judging by the patent application, the 2019 Razr will feature a very new take on the iconic clamshell, with a large foldable touchscreen that, when folded, will be of similar size to a regular phone screen, but which opens out into a square-ish tablet.

This would make perfect sense, as while the original Razr design may be remembered with fond nostalgia, that tiny screen would soon prove impractical for today's applications.

U.S. jury awards Apple $539 million in Samsung patent retrial .
U.S. jury awards Apple $539 million in Samsung patent retrialSSNLF

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