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Technology The Essential Phone 2 has reportedly been canceled

15:30  25 may  2018
15:30  25 may  2018 Source:

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  The Queen Is Reportedly Livid with the Markles I'm scared.

Ruin has said that the company has been working on multiple product simultaneously and have canceled some in favor of those products that may good The company has reportedly sold over 150,000 Essential Phone PH-1 units and in the process, it has rolled out a number software updates

The Essential Phone has been a long time coming. I don’t mean that in the sense of “we’ve been waiting for a phone like this”, but rather, it was first teased SIX months ago. That’s an eternity in technology.

screen of a cell phone© Provided by The Verge

Essential has canceled plans to develop a second phone and is exploring selling off the entire company, according to Bloomberg. Much of the details remain up in the air. Talks of a sale sound like they aren’t very far along, and the report says that Essential still has plans for future products.

One thing that does sound certain is that Essential’s second phone — at least as it was originally planned — isn’t going to happen. Bloomberg says the development was canceled and that engineers are now working on a smart home product, which is supposed to be released next year. That may be the Echo competitor that Essential announced a year ago, but which we haven’t heard a word about since.

LocationSmart reportedly leaked phone location data onto the web

  LocationSmart reportedly leaked phone location data onto the web It's starting to feel like everyone in charge of our sensitive data might be incompetent. LocationSmart aggregates real-time data on the location of subscribers' mobile phones. It's all opt-in, but Krebs reported that anyone could access this information for any AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon phones on the company's web site without a password or any other form of authentication. The vulnerability has been taken offline, said Krebs, but man what a mistake.

An acquisition, apparently, is one possibility. According to Bloomberg, Essential , an up-and-coming phone manufacturer, is reportedly calling it quits, canceling its second phone and putting out a "For Sale" sign. The company, founded by Android's creator Andy Rubin, has supposedly hired an outside

by Android’s co-creator Andy Rubin, has canceled development of its second smartphone, less than a year after the first Essential Phone was officially The company, which was part of Rubin’s tech incubator Playground Global, reportedly raised over 0 million for Essential , and it was valued at

Bloomberg reports that Essential has considered remaining in the phone business, just not by designing devices itself. Instead, Essential would reportedly contract Foxconn to handle most of the phone’s development. Its first and only phone has only sold around 150,000 units since it went on sale last August, according to the report.

Talks of a sale don’t seem to have gone very far just yet. If it does happen, Essential is reportedly hoping to sell everything — patents, hardware, upcoming projects; the intention is even to shift employees to whatever new company picks it up. Essential is “actively shopping itself” around, according to the report.

An Essential spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Bloomberg says Essential declined its own request for comment.

iPhones will reportedly get NFC updates to unlock doors and cars

  iPhones will reportedly get NFC updates to unlock doors and cars The Information reports that Apple is set to upgrade iPhones that are equipped with NFC chips with the ability to unlock doors, hotel rooms, and cars. The NFC (near-field communication) chip, present in the iPhone 6 and up, allows for contactless information exchanges, and makes it possible to use Apple Pay to pay for purchases at stores by holding your phone close to a supported credit card reader. Apple is expanding its capabilities so it can interact with smart locks, building security systems, vehicles, and even mass transit payment facilities.

A tipster told 9to5Google that Muskie was canceled due to battery life issues and other cost-effectiveness goals. Google and LG have been reportedly negotiating a massive investment in OLED displays, as Google wants to ensure it’ll have enough supply for future handsets.

Plans for a second follow-up smartphone have apparently been shelved, with most of the engineering effort shifted toward that aforementioned smart home product. Yet, this doesn't mean the end of the Essential phone business.

Essential debuted last year to immense excitement due to what was, at the time, a remarkable design. But other companies quickly caught up with Essential’s full-screen look. And its phone ultimately failed to live up to enthusiasts’ high hopes. It had a number of software problems and was known for having a bad camera. On top of that, it sold for $699, putting it in the same league as top tier phones.

Over the course of the year, Essential has worked to fix the flaws in its first phone through software updates, and it has managed to improve the situation to an extent. But it isn’t clear what the company can do to wow consumers a second time around since nearly every major phone introduced this year includes a similar edge-to-edge display. It sounds like Essential may now have realized how difficult it is to stand out in a market that moves this incredibly fast.

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