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Google brings Q&As to Google Maps and search

Thursday  19:50,   17 august 2017
The Verge

Google products like Maps and search more or less exist, on a basic level, to answer questions. So it kind of makes sense that Google is adding a Q&A feature to results in Maps and search to make those questions easier to answer. [...]

How to send money using WhatsApp: New payment feature being trialled by chat app

Thursday  15:37,   17 august 2017
International Business Times

WhatsApp users are set to see an exciting new feature in the chat app, one that allows them to send money to friends and relatives without the need to reach for their wallets. The WhatsApp Payments feature, which could offer a simple way to [...]

HBO hacking woes continue: this time on social media

Thursday  15:37,   17 august 2017

HBO just can't catch a break. The cable network got hacked again, though this time, the perpetrators targeted its social media accounts. A hacker group called OurMine took over the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts not to ask for millions [...]

This is the LG V30, and it looks stunning

Thursday  15:36,   17 august 2017

This is the LG V30, and it looks stunningThe image, posted to his Twitter account, shows the V30 from all sides and reveals just how much of the front is taken up by the 6-inch OLED screen, as well as just how gorgeous it is. The bezels above and[...]

Ford patents removable wheel and pedals for future autonomous cars

Thursday  11:41,   17 august 2017

Lawmakers have cautiously supported automakers' experiments with self-driving vehicles, but they've been split on whether cars need a steering wheel at all times in case humans need to take over. But with more and more concepts ditching[...]

Google wants to save you from allergies with new pollen forecasts

Thursday  11:41,   17 august 2017

Google wants to save you from the sniffles. Today the internet giant announced that it will soon begin displaying detailed pollen level forecasts straight into Search.The new feature practically helps users avoid seasonal allergy symptoms by[...]

iPhone 7S may get thicker to fit in more goodies

Thursday  11:41,   17 august 2017

The expanded waistline could make wireless charging a thing according to one report.Although the change is tiny, the report speculates that the phone will gain extra girth if Apple uses a glass backing for the iPhone 7S. Glass backing could[...]

Coming Soon: Android O, Google's Successor To Nougat

Thursday  11:41,   17 august 2017

After several public betas, it seems that the official date could be as soon as August 21, 2017. According to mobile tipster Evan Blass and Android Police editor David Ruddock, August 21 is the most likely day Android O gets released, which is [...]

Apple set to spend $1 billion on new Hollywood shows

Thursday  06:56,   17 august 2017

The company is preparing a war chest for new content to compete with Amazon and Netflix, according to the Wall Street Journal.The tech giant is ready to spend $1 billion on new Hollywood programming over the next year,  the Wall Street[...]

'Micromotors' alter your gut's chemistry to safely deliver medicine

Thursday  06:56,   17 august 2017

These biodegradable molecular engines use the stomach's own acids for fuel.<br _moz_dirty=""[...]

Optical laser uses shockwaves to peer inside distant planets

Thursday  06:56,   17 august 2017

It has as much kick as 17 Teslas discharging their batteries in a second.Using this technology researchers have already investigated the effects of meteor impacts on minerals within the Earth's crust, but the increased range and power of the laser[...]

'Dragon captured' as cargo arrives at space station

Thursday  06:16,   17 august 2017

<p>SpaceX's unmanned Dragon cargo vessel blasted off on Monday from Florida, carrying food, science experiments and other gear for the astronauts living in orbit</p>"And that is confirmed capture," said a NASA commentator as space[...]

There’s a lot of money up for grabs if you can land (softly) on the moon

Wednesday  19:31,   16 august 2017
Popular Science

Google’s Lunar XPrize just announced new prizes.That is, if you happen to be one of the select few finalist teams competing for the Google Lunar[...]

Intel CEO's Dismay With Trump Attack Outweighs Value of Ties

Wednesday  19:21,   16 august 2017

For Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich the last straw was U.S. President Donald Trump’s attack on Merck &amp; Co. CEO Ken Frazier.Krzanich has paid a price internally for maintaining a relationship with the Trump administration. He[...]

This $70 robot that mimics a sea-turtle may eventually reach Mars

Wednesday  19:16,   16 august 2017

Researchers at University of Arizona have created a modular robot made of cardboard and a Raspberry Pi Zero (a simple computer) for around $70. &nbsp;Researchers at University of Arizona have created a modular robot made of cardboard and a[...]