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Samsung Galaxy S8 torture test has some shattering results

Monday  17:51,   24 april 2017

Device warranty company SquareTrade brings out the big guns to take on the new flagship handset.The company subjected the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to its battery of breakability tests and found the new generation is a little more delicate than its[...]

HP brushes the dust off its cheapest DreamColor

Monday  17:51,   24 april 2017

<p>HP has revved its cheapest DreamColor, the 24-inch DreamColor Z24x to G2.</p>Looking to pick up a pro-color-quality display at a price south of $1,000? HP has revved its cheapest DreamColor, the 24-inch DreamColor Z24x to [...]

Nikon files patent case against ASML, Carl Zeiss over lithography tech

Monday  15:06,   24 april 2017

Japan's Nikon Corp on Monday said it has initiated legal action against ASML Holding NV and Carl Zeiss AG, saying the Dutch and Germany companies used its lithography technology without its permission. Nikon, the world's eighth-largest chip[...]

Samsung to update software over 'red screen' smartphone

Monday  14:39,   24 april 2017

Electronics giant Samsung will this week offer an unusually early software update for its newly-released Galaxy S8 phone, it said Monday after some consumers complained of red-tinted screens. The launch of the device is a key step for the South[...]

Uber responds to report that it tracked users who deleted its app

Monday  14:38,   24 april 2017

Uber tracked former users even after they deleted the app from their iPhones, a practice that eventually earned CEO Travis Kalanick a scolding from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, the New York Times reports. Uber is pushing back on the allegations,[...]

An Israeli startup armed with $45 million is taking on Google and Apple in the race to sell your personal data

Monday  14:38,   24 april 2017
Tech Insider

Israel-based startup Otonomo is capitalizing on the fact that cars, once the symbol of American escapism, are becoming repositories of your personal data. Cars have only become connected to the internet in the last few years, but sensors to support[...]

The incredible evolution of supercomputers' powers, from 1946 to today

Monday  11:16,   24 april 2017
Popular Science

The first supercomputer went live in 1965. Since then, the computing power of these mega machines has grown exponentially. The first su Since then, the computing power of these mega machines has grown exponentially.Engineers measured early[...]

I've lost my Gmail password: Now what?

Monday  10:36,   24 april 2017

I forgot to the password to my Gmail account and also no longer have the “recovery email” account I specified when I created the account. How can I get back into my Gmail?A. Everybody forgets passwords, but Gmail’s can be easier to misplace[...]

Apple Maps gets transit mode for Paris

Monday  10:36,   24 april 2017

Apple is finally adding transit options to its Maps app for the city of Paris. Starting today, you can use Apple Maps to calculate itineraries using public transportation.You’ll find subway, RER and bus lines, and even Transilien lines. Just like in [...]

A 3D-printed patch could help you recover from a heart attack

Monday  10:36,   24 april 2017

Scientists have dreamed of easily patching up heart tissue in the wake of heart attacks, but there are always gotchas: for example, it's no mean feat to replicate the complex structures of real tissue.&nbsp;After the team tested its patch on [...]

Robocaller bait: Your old, recycled phone numbers

Monday  10:36,   24 april 2017

Thousands of telephone lines sit o­­­n a Federal Trade Commission “honeypot” computer, answering and trapping incoming calls, and capturing caller IDs and voice recordings. Many of the telephone numbers used in this technological trap were abandoned [...]

The best iPhone camera tricks to try today

Monday  07:51,   24 april 2017

<p>The iPhone is much more than a point-and-shoot camera - these are the cool features you need to know about.</p>In particular, we're going to focus on iPhone - Apple's been known for the quality of its smartphone cameras down the years, and[...]

7 Ways To Protect Your Social Media Account from Hackers

Monday  07:51,   24 april 2017
International Business Times

Hackers could steal your private information through your social media accounts. Protect yourself with these seven tips.However, there are ways to protect your accounts from hackers while uploading selfies and posting on social[...]

6 Cool Exoplanets That Might Support Aliens

Monday  06:55,   24 april 2017
International Business Times

Not all exoplanets are created equal — some are much more likely to be harboring alien life.But until we visit these other planets and take a look around, we won’t know for sure. That’s especially since some scientists believe many potentially[...]

There’s an anti-dog label inside the Galaxy S8 — here’s what it means

Sunday  18:55,   23 april 2017
The Verge

&nbsp;Not a chew[...]