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Tidal Locking Of Exoplanets More Common Than Thought

Tuesday  18:57,   15 august 2017
International Business Times

We always see the same face of the moon from Earth not because the moon doesn’t rotate on its own axis, but because the two bodies are tidally locked with each other.This happens because the Earth and our only natural satellite are tidally locked.[...]

Samsung's next Gear Fit will track your swimming

Tuesday  18:56,   15 august 2017

It can also play your offline Spotify songs.The full extent of the software upgrades isn't available, but the new wristwear should also support offline Spotify playback. So long as you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you won't need to bring[...]

Intel CEO Becomes Third Chief to Quit Trump Business Council

Tuesday  15:37,   15 august 2017

Intel Corp.’s Brian Krzanich joined Under Armour Inc.’s Kevin Plank in becoming the latest chief executives to quit President Donald Trump’s council of U.S. business leaders, as membership on the panel has become enmeshed in the country’s volatile[...]

The next Apple Watch will probably come in both LTE and non-LTE versions

Tuesday  15:37,   15 august 2017
The Verge

We heard earlier this month that the next Apple Watch would be available in an LTE version. Bloomberg first reported that the next Apple Watch would include LTE, and Kuo clarifies that it won't support 3G, meaning it might not work in other [...]

Facebook brings its Marketplace to 17 European countries

Tuesday  14:41,   15 august 2017

Facebook’s Marketplace has become one of the biggest competitors to Craigslist in the US since it launched last year. That’s now changing. The company today announced it’s rolling out Marketplace to 17 more countries across Europe: Austria, [...]

Google to ban white supremacist website that was forced out by GoDaddy

Tuesday  14:29,   15 august 2017
The Hill

A white supremacist website that had its domain name under GoDaddy canceled for attacking the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally victim will now also be forced to move its content out of a Google domain name. The Daily Stormer, deemed one [...]

Apple just changed the App Store logo for the first time in years

Tuesday  10:41,   15 august 2017

Goodbye pencil/ruler/paintbrush, hello popsicle sticks. The update includes new icons for Maps and the App Store, new AirPod animations, as well as other cosmetic changes. It also features bug-fixes and performance upgrades as[...]

The world's smartest water bottle could save your life

Tuesday  07:20,   15 august 2017

You got lost hiking in the woods and you finished all the water you carried in with you. The Ecomo smart bottle allows you to test and filter water before you drink it.You’re pounding the pavement in an unfamiliar city on a very hot[...]

Nintendo now lets you pick your own Switch color combo

Tuesday  07:16,   15 august 2017

Nintendo just launched new options for online Switch customers, allowing them to customize the color of their Joy-Con and accompanying straps — up to a point. The page is on Nintendo’s Japanese store, and hence is in Japanese. I apologize[...]

Google adds voice recognition for Indian and African languages

Tuesday  07:12,   15 august 2017

For quick reminders and messages, it is a lot faster and more convenient to simply talk to your phone, rather than pull up an app and type on a keyboard. The full list of languages is: Amharic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, English[...]

YouTube tests showing how many people are currently watching the same video

Tuesday  07:01,   15 august 2017
The Verge

Pretty soon, you might be able to tell when a YouTube video is in the process of going viral. As spotted by Android Police, YouTube appears to be testing a new feature that will display concurrent viewer counts, giving you an insight on how [...]

Snapchat adds a Pikachu filter for your kawaii Pokémon needs

Tuesday  06:50,   15 august 2017
The Verge

Pokémon is making an entrance into the Snapchat game in the form of a filter with a familiar mascot. If you boot up the app right now, you can add Pikachu’s yellow ears, nose, and dotted cheeks to your otherwise boring face. Like Snapchat’s best[...]

Camera maker Canary speaks up with new two-way talk feature

Tuesday  06:50,   15 august 2017

The security startup has added a few new features to its DIY cameras.Here's an[...]

Google’s latest acquisition could reduce your trips to the clinic

Monday  19:52,   14 august 2017

GeekWire reports that Google has acquired Senosis, a Seattle-based startup that’s been making mobile apps to identify and monitor health conditions without the need for additional hardware. Fronted by Shwetak Patel, a computer science and[...]

Prevailing Theories Of Earth Formation Could Be Wrong

Monday  19:52,   14 august 2017
International Business Times

Results of a simulation of Earth’s formation using current theories suggest the planet’s core should contain a lot of zinc, but there is thought to actually be none.We don’t fully understand the interior of the Earth, but it was thought to contain[...]