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Earthquakes Might Be Feeding Alien Life on Europa

Wednesday  18:07,   06 december 2017

Sinking ice could carry food to Europa's underground ocean.The earth’s crust is split into many distinct plates, the largest of which we know as continents. Tectonics describes the movement of these huge, deep pieces of rock, as they collide,[...]

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices, escalating spat

Wednesday  15:51,   06 december 2017

By Jeffrey[...]

Microsoft's Whiteboard Preview app is all about collaboration

Wednesday  15:50,   06 december 2017

In the quest to release better collaboration tools, Microsoft released its Whiteboard Preview app in a private beta. As one would expect, the app lets users draw, erase, edit and otherwise mark up boards, essentially simulating the group[...]

Where Facebook Has No Friends, Tech Bends to China's Will

Wednesday  13:31,   06 december 2017

As he took the stage at China’s premiere internet gathering this week, Facebook Inc.’s Vaughan Smith opened with a line that wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. ``Since not everyone at this event is familiar with Facebook, let me describe it[...]

Google expands Search snippets with more related info

Wednesday  11:02,   06 december 2017

In a bid to keep you within the Google ecosystem, Search now includes expanded snippets of information and smarter suggested content.Powered by Google's algorithm, featured snippets generate highlights to provide quick and relevant answers to your[...]

Ho-Oh is now in Pokémon Go for a limited time

Wednesday  11:02,   06 december 2017

The latest legendary to arrive Ho-Oh, one of the Johto region’s two legendary Pokémon, is now obtainable in Pokémon Go. Niantic/The Pokémon[...]

Apple Pay Cash: Everything You Need To Know

Wednesday  11:02,   06 december 2017
Know Your Mobile

It’s Apple’s PayPal competitor and it's called Apple Pay CashThe removal of the need for physical money is one step closer thanks to Apple’s release of Apple Pay Cash, introduced in iOS 11.2, which just shipped to user this week. But what is[...]

Instagram finally lets you save Stories so people can enjoy them forever

Wednesday  09:05,   06 december 2017

Instagram today announced two new features which change its popular Stories for the better. The first new feature is a Story Archive. As it sounds, the archive lets you save your past Stories beyond their traditional 24-hour expiration[...]

Apple wins EU trademark case against Xiaomi

Wednesday  05:21,   06 december 2017

Apple Inc succeeded on Tuesday in preventing Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc from registering its "Mi Pad" tablet computer as an EU trademark because the name was too similar to Apple's "iPad".The European Union's[...]

Researchers develop a way to train robots with just a gentle nudge

Tuesday  17:56,   05 december 2017

Their algorithms allow robots to permanently adjust their trajectories with a single push.Typically, when robots are programmed to respond to physical contact from a human, they usually only only do so in the moment and go right back to their[...]

"Smartphone addiction" could be changing teens' brains

Tuesday  17:56,   05 december 2017
CBS News

New research suggests a fixation on smartphones is linked to changes in teens' brain chemistry that mirror those prompted by addiction , a new study suggests.Kids who compulsively used the internet or fiddled with their phones tended to have[...]

Falcon's attack strategy could inspire new drones: study

Tuesday  16:36,   05 december 2017

Peregrine falcons are nature's fastest predators, and the way they swoop down on a target may one day inspire small, visually guided drones that can take out rogue drones, researchers said Monday. Falcons' attack trajectories do not follow any[...]

Apple iPhone X now available unlocked and SIM-free

Tuesday  14:21,   05 december 2017

Here’s your chance to snag one if you’ve been gunning for Apple’s anniversary phone but haven’t made up your mind on a carrier yet.Just one more month and the wait will finally be[...]

New Galaxy S9 Leak 'Confirms' Samsung's Powerful Choice

Tuesday  14:21,   05 december 2017

Quietly, with little fanfare, Samsung has publicly fired the gun on its new 10nm system-on-chip production line. Chips that are expected to power the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagships. Traditionally Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets have come with two[...]

Facebook Messenger Kids is a locked-down chat app with parental controls in mind

Tuesday  10:51,   05 december 2017

Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook Messenger, aimed at children under the age of 13. The app, called Facebook Messenger Kids, works much like a trimmed-down version of the mainstream version of the app. The biggest difference[...]