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Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

Saturday  11:21,   14 october 2017
The Verge

The Google Assistant has always been able to control Chromecasts from a Google Home, but now that ability is expanding to the Google Assistant on Android phones, too. Android Police spotted the new feature, which seems to still be rolling[...]

Giant robot fighting is finally here as America and Japan do battle

Saturday  11:12,   14 october 2017

The US and Japan will square-off in robot combat this Tuesday in a battle to determine who builds a better battle bot. The event will be streamed live on Twitch and will feature two giant robots clashing head-to-head in melee combat.IT'S TIME FOR[...]

Facebook launches U.S. food order and delivery service

Saturday  08:11,   14 october 2017

Facebook Inc on Friday launched a service through which its U.S. users can order food for take-away or delivery directly through its app or website. Facebook said it has partnered with restaurants including Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, Jack in the[...]

'Mysterious' hole appears in sea ice near Antarctica

Saturday  08:11,   14 october 2017

<p>A huge, mysterious hole has been spotted in sea ice near Antarctica, researchers reported this week.</p>The hole, which was detected about a month ago, is roughly 30,000 square miles or the size of the state of Maine. It's the[...]

HP strapped its Sprocket printer to a camera

Saturday  07:11,   14 october 2017
The Verge

HP is releasing an instant camera called the Sprocket 2-in-1.&nbsp;The new 2-in-1 camera makes a lot of sense, especially considering that I specifically wished the printer was a camera last year. It works a lot like the Polaroid Snap in that it [...]

Alleged OnePlus 5T Leaked Render Shows Off New Design

Saturday  06:10,   14 october 2017
International Business Times

A new render for the OnePlus 5T has been leaked online and it appears to feature a bezel-less design that's similar to the Galaxy S8. Earlier this week, it was rumored that Chinese phone maker OnePlus is planning to release the OnePlus 5T in[...]

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Feature iPhone X Face ID Rival

Friday  19:57,   13 october 2017
International Business Times

A new report suggests Samsung is working on a sensor to rival the True Depth front-facing camera on the iPhone X.While Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 with Face Unlock and iris scanning, the features have proven not be the[...]

Google Home now lets you shop at Target with just your voice

Friday  19:57,   13 october 2017
The Verge

Next time you need an emergency order of LaCroix, you can just ask a Google Home to order a case from Target.&nbsp;Target has only been available through Google Express in New York City and California before now, so today’s announcement marks a[...]

This Nintendo Switch dock has a built-in projector

Friday  19:57,   13 october 2017

We love the Nintendo Switch for its portability, but multiplayer gaming isn't ideal on its small 6.2-inch screen. Enter the OJO Portable Projector Dock, which can display your games up to 150-inches onto any surface. We think this is a[...]

Razer’s first smartphone might have 8GB of RAM

Friday  19:56,   13 october 2017
The Verge

We’re a couple weeks away from Razer unveiling its very first smartphone, but it looks like we may be getting some early details today.&nbsp;According to the listing, which has since been removed, the phone will have a 5.7-inch display with a[...]

A year later, Google WiFi is still the best option for home internet

Friday  15:40,   13 october 2017

As a tech journalist, I should care more about routers. I know enough not to rely on the hunk of junk offered up by most ISPs, but after buying a good router for a couple hundred bucks years back, I just didn’t see any reason to upgrade.especially[...]

#WomenBoycottTwitter protest spreads across social media

Friday  15:39,   13 october 2017

Twitter has been home to many hashtag campaigns, but tonight one is trending that's a little different: #WomenBoycottTwitter. Sparked by its "temporary lock" of Rose McGowan's account yesterday, the movement's purpose is to go[...]

Lyft drivers won't have to switch apps to use Google Maps

Friday  15:39,   13 october 2017

If you've taken enough Lyft rides, you've probably noticed that drivers have to switch to a navigation app before they start driving. It'd be nice if they could just get going, wouldn't it? They will now: Lyft has added built-in Google Maps [...]

If an astronaut gets hurt on the moon, this is how we'll rescue them

Friday  10:21,   13 october 2017
Popular Science

In the event of a lunar emergency, use pulleys.&nbsp; Looks like we’re going back to the moon. Last week, Vice President Mike Pence announced a new priority to put Americans on the lunar surface for the first time since[...]

Facebook locks down key data as researchers analyze Russian influence

Friday  10:20,   13 october 2017

The truth behind Facebook's involvement in Russian voter hacks continues to get more complicated.&nbsp;Needless to say, the researcher is upset. "This is public interest data," Albright told the Post. "This data allowed us to at least[...]