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Google to give $1B, help U.S. workers find jobs

Friday  09:37,   13 october 2017

Google will invest $1 billion over the next five years in nonprofit organizations helping people adjust to the changing nature of work, the largest philanthropic pledge to date from the Internet giant. The announcement of the national[...]

Samsung Elec CEO Kwon Oh-hyun to step down from management

Friday  09:36,   13 october 2017

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Friday its CEO and Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun had decided to step down from management, as it forecast record third-quarter profits on the back of soaring memory chip prices. The surprise resignation comes as Kwon[...]

15 Ways to Save Your iPhone's Battery

Friday  06:55,   13 october 2017
Good Housekeeping

No longer will you live and die by that horrid rectangle in the upper right corner.1. Watch how hot or cold your phone[...]

Keep your old videos, music, and photos safe forever

Friday  06:55,   13 october 2017
Popular Science

How to digitize your media.  To enjoy all of this media again, and preserve it for the future, you need to digitize it. This guide will focus on digitizing storage formats that rely on outdated players—so you can stop reading now[...]

The Secrets of Google’s Moonshot Factory

Friday  06:55,   13 october 2017
The Atlantic

How the secretive Silicon Valley lab is trying to resurrect the lost art of inventionA snake-robot designer, a balloon scientist, a liquid-crystals technologist, an extradimensional physicist, a psychology geek, an electronic-materials wrangler, and [...]

Earthlings test warning system as asteroid flies by

Thursday  20:21,   12 october 2017

An asteroid the size of a school bus flew remarkably near Earth on Thursday, providing scientists with an opportunity to test the warning systems that would kick in if a space collision was coming. Asteroid 2012 TC4 came close -- passing Earth at a[...]

Irish court gives $1 billion Apple data center green light

Thursday  18:01,   12 october 2017

High Court judge Paul McDermott on Thursday dismissed two separate appeals against the planning permission, clearing the way for the project to proceed. Ireland relies on foreign multinational companies for the creation of one in every 10 jobs[...]

15 Things Everyone Should Know About Quantum Computing

Thursday  18:01,   12 october 2017

Even though true quantum computing is not quite a reality, top tech companies are racing to be the first to market in order to solve problems that are intractable with today’s tech.  What is quantum[...]

Stars’ Disk Debris May Hint At Presence Of Giant Exoplanets

Thursday  18:01,   12 october 2017
International Business Times

There are billions of planets outside the solar system within our own galaxy, but finding them is difficult, given the distance and their dimness.These giant exoplanets would be far bigger than any planet in our solar system, between five and 20[...]

Insurers to work with tech firms on risks from drones, driverless cars

Thursday  18:00,   12 october 2017

The World Economic Forum is bringing insurers, tech firms and governments together to find ways to tackle risks from new technology such as drones and driverless cars, it said on Thursday. Tech firms have moved fast to develop new products, but[...]

Researchers develop digestible sensors for monitoring the gastrointestinal tract

Thursday  14:41,   12 october 2017

Testing the technology on pigs, the team found that the sensors were able to stay in the harsh environment of the tract up to two days without any issue. “There are a lot materials that can reside in the GI tract without eliciting significant[...]

SpaceX carries out picture-perfect Falcon 9 rocket launch

Thursday  14:21,   12 october 2017
CBS News

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket boosted a communications satellite into orbit Wednesday -- the company's 15th launch so far this yearThe rocket's previously flown first stage, meanwhile, flipped around and plunged back to Earth, settling to a pinpoint[...]

Essential will start shipping the white version of its phone next week

Thursday  14:11,   12 october 2017
The Verge

Essential plans to start shipping the white version of its phone next week. The company just began sending emails out to people who still have a preorder on the white model saying that the phone “is ready and we will start shipping next[...]

Google buys short-form audio startup to bolster its podcast efforts

Thursday  14:01,   12 october 2017

60Db, the short-form podcast app, looks like it's shutting down. What they're up to next isn't clear. As Business Insider notes, Google Play Music already has a section for podcasts, so perhaps this is a move to help revamp a seemingly[...]

Razer teases smartphone announcement on November 1st

Thursday  13:55,   12 october 2017
The Verge

When Razer bought Nextbit, the question of whether or not the gaming hardware company would be releasing a phone quickly changed from “if” to “when.” And now, the company seems to be gearing up for an announcement on November 1st, if the teaser[...]