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Shaq to host 30th anniversary of 'Shark Week'

  Shaq to host 30th anniversary of 'Shark Week' Discovery Channel has brought Shaquille O'Neal on board to host the 30th anniversary of "Shark Week." In a promo for the special, O'Neal says he thought he was hosting "Shaq Week," before adding, "but that doesn't exist." Get ready. @SHAQ Does #SharkWeek, July 22 at 9p More details via @people --> https://t.co/OCfb6wSm6p pic.twitter.com/tzpdmvV93E — Shark Week (@SharkWeek) July 10, 2018 Here's what Discovery Channel has in store for O'Neal,iscovery Channel has brought Shaquille O'Neal on board to host the 30th anniversary of "Shark Week.

The Insta model was traveling in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, Nicolo, and his family when she decided to take photos with a pack of nurse sharks . Nicolo’s dad was actually taking pictures of her the moment her wrist was bitten .

When modeling underwater goes wrong… Moments after Cavalli went down into the shark cage to start shooting film, she was bitten on the foot by what's being reported as a bull-headed lemon shark — but Alleged Stalker Who Threatened To 'End' Taylor Swift & Her Family Gets 10 Years Probation!

The Exuma islands in the Bahamas are famous for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and endless photograph opportunities.

So when model Katarina Zarutskie visited with her boyfriend and his family last month, she was keen to make the most of the beautiful sights.

After a family lunch in an area known as Staniel Cay, Katarina spotted people snorkelling and interacting with a pack of nurse sharks nearby.

Despite concern from her boyfriend's family, she was keen to get into the waters to get some photographs with them.

'Child of the Sea'

The 19-year-old is due to start a double-degree in nursing and business in Miami, and is no stranger to the ocean, having grown up doing water sports in her native California.

Angler freaks out when shark attacks her fish

  Angler freaks out when shark attacks her fish While fishing atop a circular skiff, Lexis Chancey found herself going in circles as she battled a big bonito. That is, until a bull shark interrupted the proceedings by chasing the bonito and sending it on a frenzied run. Chancey, the 20-year-old daughter of Ben Chancey of the online fishing show "Chew On This," erupted with continuous screams as the bull shark doggedly chased its meal. It ultimately succeeded in catching it as evidenced by the line suddenly snapping.The crazy encounter occurred earlier this week off Stuart, Fla. The action is captured within the first 45 seconds of the video.

Wildlife survival instructor, 20, who was bitten by a shark off the coast of Hawaii reveals he punched a bear in the face after it mauled his head and was also attacked by a rattlesnake.

Shocking footage captures the moment a stunning model is horribly bitten by a shark as she shoots her first underwater film. Brave equestrian who had three limbs amputated gets back on saddle. Stunning Russian model Helga Lovekaty poses in sexy sheer lingerie.

"From my previous knowledge from surfing and scuba diving, I know nurse sharks are usually very safe," she tells the BBC. "I've seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram."

The fish have become a local tourist attraction, encircling the local docks and featuring in thousands of tagged photographs online.

She says that after a few minutes posing, a local resident on the pier encouraged her to lie back and float in the water.

"At this point people were starting to take photos and right as I lay back, after a few seconds, I was pulled under," she says.

Her boyfriend's father was photographing Katarina at the time, and accidentally caught the whole incident in a series of images.

Katarina Zarutskie seen struggling under water: Katarina was pictured struggling under water, trying to free herself© Katarina Zarutskie Katarina was pictured struggling under water, trying to free herself

The shark held her underwater for several seconds before she managed to tear her wrist from its grip.

Tesla ditches reservations, opens up Model 3 car sales to all customers in North America

  Tesla ditches reservations, opens up Model 3 car sales to all customers in North America Tesla ditches reservations, opens up Model 3 car sales to all customers in North AmericaPreviously, would-be Model 3 owners had to put down a $1,000 deposit to secure a place in line to buy the car. Now, anyone in North America can order one via Tesla's website.

INSTAGRAM KATARINA ZARUTSKIE. UNDER ATTACK: After posing for a photo with the animals, Katarina was pulled under water. The 19-year-old model , who has travelled around the world for work, endured the shock of her life as she was bitten by a shark while she was posing in the sea.

His name is Dylan McWilliams, he lives in Colorado, and he's been bitten by a shark , a bear, and a snake within the past four years. In other words, stay away from this dude, because Mother Nature has a Pikes Peak-sized bullseye on him.

The photographs show her instinctively covering the wound and raising her arm up in an effort to stop the blood spreading through the water.

"At that point your body has so much adrenaline going and you just have to get out of the situation, but I stayed extremely calm," she says.

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"I think if someone was screaming and flailing around it definitely could have changed the situation."

Katarina had to get stitches and antibiotics for her injuries, and still has some fragments of teeth left in the wound.

The bite will leave a nasty scar, but the model says she feels blessed that the situation was not far worse.

Since her story was featured in US media, Katarina has been inundated with thousands of new followers and comments online, including a barrage of negativity from online trolls.

Tesla prices shoot up $20,000 in China as US trade war begins

  Tesla prices shoot up $20,000 in China as US trade war begins China bumped up its tariff on electric cars by 40 percent in retaliation to US tariffs on Chinese imports.Tesla cars became considerably more pricey in China over the weekend, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Model X is now priced at $140,100, for instance, over $20,000 more than the $117,100 it previously sold for. The Model S, at $128,400, is also roughly $21,000 more expensive than it previously was, the Journal reports.

Woman who survived four hours in freezing shark -infested Shark bites woman on the bottom while snorkelling off the Emily Ratajkowski takes a walk on the wild side as she poses in skimpy leopard bikini The 27-year-old model once again took to her Instagram.

Shane was grabbed by a bull shark which clamped its jaws over his feet. Medics said if he had not Kourtney Kardashian and model love Younes Bendjima strike a pose together on Italian vacation A speechless Scott Pruitt is accosted in a DC restaurant by a mom holding her young son who accuses

'Stupid Instagram Model'

She is upset at the way she has been stereotyped and mocked for being social-media obsessed and careless. The model did not even plan to upload the images to her social media page until she was approached by journalists about her experience earlier this week.

Katarina also rejects accusations she ignored local advice or went into the water during feeding time.

Katarina Zarutskie lying back in water, with shark visibly biting her arm: The moment the shark took a bite was unwittingly captured by her boyfriend's family© Katarina Zarutskie The moment the shark took a bite was unwittingly captured by her boyfriend's family

"They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blonde Instagram model," she says.

"I've definitely received a lot of rude and hateful comments from people that were saying ridiculous things."

"But it's the internet right? I guess you know you have to take it with a grain of salt and it comes with the territory."

She does not want the experience or photographs to put off others from visiting the area or interacting with local wildlife when abroad, and describes the Exumas as the "most beautiful place" she has ever visited.

"I'm not afraid of the ocean and if anything I respect and love it more," she says.

"He didn't mean it: he's a wild animal, and I think anyone that goes and swims with nurse sharks needs to realise it is an uncontrollable situation.

"You can't even predict how another human is going to react to situations, let alone an animal. I definitely will be thinking twice but it won't be scaring me away!"

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