News: Weekend Reads

Why a big airline had to cancel more than 2,000 flights

Thursday  19:57,   21 september 2017

Benjamin D[...]

Road to electric car paradise paved with handouts

Thursday  19:57,   21 september 2017

<p>The Norwegian island of Finnoey has the highest density of electric cars in the world.</p>Video: 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf (provided by The[...]

Why the United States was wide open to a disaster like Equifax

Thursday  19:56,   21 september 2017

It's not just security lapses that need patching in the U.S. credit reporting system, experts told CNBC as they dissect the data breaches that hit Equifax.The Social Security number is a "chief means" of identifying and gathering information[...]

Watch Out For These Three Warning Signs Of A Shady Used Car Dealer

Wednesday  22:06,   20 september 2017

Buying a used car can be a little trickier than purchasing a new one.&nbsp;Video: Don’t bother buying these new car add-ons (provided by Consumer[...]

Toys R Us creditors saw a game of chicken turn into dominoes

Wednesday  22:05,   20 september 2017

After sustaining a crushing load of debt for more than a decade following its 2005 buyout, Toys ‘‘R’’ Us Inc. succumbed to what it called a “dangerous game of dominoes” that toppled it in a matter of days. Markets had reflected little doubt over the [...]

The Bank of Canada’s anxiety over Trump and trade point to a pause for rates

Wednesday  05:20,   20 september 2017

Econo-metrics: If not for the NAFTA talks, the Bank of Canada would be feeling much better about the economy . Lane added some texture to the central bank’s decision to increase interest rates, saying policy makers were encouraged by “widespread[...]

A Michigan Town Is Forcing This Man To Sell 20 Old Cars Off His Property Every Month

Tuesday  23:38,   19 september 2017

To Ron Dauzet, it’s a collection of more than 200 cars—some common, some rare, everything from old BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes to MGs and Jeeps and Porsches.&nbsp;To Ron Dauzet, it’s a collection of more than 200 cars—some common, some rare,[...]

How the opioid crisis is blowing a hole in small-town America's finances

Tuesday  23:38,   19 september 2017

<p>As deaths mount in America's opioid crisis, communities on the front lines face a hidden toll: the financial cost.</p>Ross County, a largely rural region of 77,000 people an hour south of Columbus, Ohio, is wrestling with an explosion[...]

When will self-driving electric cars make conventional cars worthless?

Tuesday  23:37,   19 september 2017

You’re not worrying about it yet, but tens of millions of conventional vehicles could one day be dumped in junkyards and weedy lots when self-driving,…Video: Mercedes Takes On Tesla With New Electric Concept Cars (provided by Wochit Tech) Click[...]

Here’s the story behind that Delta Flight 431 and its race with Irma

Tuesday  02:12,   19 september 2017
The Washington Post

The quick-turn mission to pick up 173 passengers in San Juan was carefully planned and orchestrated — both on the ground and in the air.It was breathtaking for the rest of the world, who watched the aircraft on radar flying down to Puerto Rico and[...]

Shock UK exit poll suggests Britain's May fails to win majority

Friday  02:57,   09 june 2017

Shock UK exit poll suggests Britain's May fails to win majorityThe exit poll predicted May's party would not win a majority of the 650 seats in parliament to take office alone, meaning she would have to form a coalition or attempt to govern with [...]

White House: Trump is not a liar

Friday  02:56,   09 june 2017
The Hill

White House: Trump is not a liarWhite House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that President Trump is "not a liar" hours after ousted FBI Director James Comey said the president had lied about the[...]

Bodies, aircraft parts found in search for Myanmar plane

Friday  02:56,   09 june 2017

<p>A military spokesman says bodies and aircraft parts have been found during the search for a transport plane that disappeared Wednesday afternoon.</p>YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — A navy ship found bodies and aircraft parts in the seas off Myanmar[...]

Complainant denies instigating sex with cops

Friday  02:56,   09 june 2017

A female parking enforcement officer categorically denied instigating a sexual encounter with three Toronto police officers after a night of partying with members of the force.The complainant has testified that after drinking at various bars[...]

Analysis | 7 takeaways from Comey’s extraordinary testimony about what Trump told him to do

Friday  02:55,   09 june 2017
The Washington Post

Analysis | 7 takeaways from Comey’s extraordinary testimony about what Trump told him to doSubscribe to the Post Most newsletter: Today’s most popular stories on The Washington[...]