News: Weekend Reads

A massive review of the evidence shows letting people out of prison doesn’t increase crime

Sunday  22:41,   01 october 2017

This is very good news for supporters of criminal justice reform, but it comes with some caveats. The project’s organizers believed that pushing for lower prison sentences, particularly for minor offenses, would not lead to more crime. This [...]

Usher Is Facing Charges for Spreading Herpes—Would That Happen in Canada?

Friday  10:07,   29 september 2017

The 38-year-old R&B star is being sued by several people who claim he exposed them to the herpes virus. Could a charge like this hold up in Canadian courts?The herpes allegations around Usher aren’t going away—they’re only getting[...]

Sticky, tar-like bitumen has fuelled a wild ride for Canadian workers

Thursday  22:10,   28 september 2017
Calgary Herald

Debbie Parsons made the pilgrimage from Newfoundland and Labrador to Alberta’s oilsands at the age of 18, nearly four decades ago. She never left. Lloyd Tucker spent four years as a fly-in, fly-out contractor running heavy equipment in his late 60s. [...]

'What's it going to take to get help?': child with brain injury shuffled through 5 York schools in 5 years

Thursday  22:10,   28 september 2017

A Markham mother says her nine-year-old son, who suffered a brain injury five years ago, has been shuffled between five different schools in the York Region District School Board. This summer, after he threatened to harm others and himself, she says [...]

Starved for Capital, Canada Oil Patch Puts Exploration on Pause

Wednesday  23:11,   27 september 2017

If you think it’s hard for tech startups to get funding, try being an oil driller in Canada. The oil price crash caused the big Canadian banks that had traditionally financed junior explorers -- startups looking to identify and begin development on[...]

How celebrities use pregnancy for P.R.: A look at Kylie Jenner and Nikki Reed

Wednesday  20:16,   27 september 2017

As someone who covers entertainment for a living, I'm always eager for a glimpse into the inner working of the well-oiled celebrity machine. And on Friday, two separate incidents painted a pretty interesting picture of how, and why, celebrities [...]

Why Police Asking Drake to Help Investigate His Friend’s Murder Is Wrong & Offensive

Tuesday  23:57,   26 september 2017

Even at the height of his fame, notes Huda Hassan, Drake is still susceptible to the unfair expectation of a moral duty to a city that is continuously violent to those who look like him .A TPS news conference about Soares’s case revealed a[...]

Framing their tax reforms in moral terms has backfired for the Liberals

Tuesday  23:56,   26 september 2017
Canadian Business

Paul Wells: The Liberals can’t seem to resist claiming moral superiority. But on their tax reforms, it’s not totally clear what side they’re onPoilievre opens by asking why Morneau is hellbent on unleashing a plague of locusts on Canadian pizza[...]

What Donald Trump Could Learn from Vince Lombardi

Tuesday  20:51,   26 september 2017
Sports Illustrated

What do you think would happen if you asked President Donald Trump what he thought about Vince Lombardi? I bet his quote would go something like this: “Vince Lombardi. Now that’s a great American! Great coach. Winner. Tough coach. They don’t come[...]

​I Donated A Kidney To A Stranger At Age 51 And It Changed The Course Of My Life

Tuesday  19:00,   26 september 2017

As a veteran massage therapist of almost two decades, I’d spent most of my time working in small, quiet massage studios offering clients an hour or more of comfort and healing. Although I never bored of my calling, in 2006, when my youngest son[...]

America is making country of origin rules a NAFTA priority. Look out, Canada.

Monday  20:26,   25 september 2017

Why Canada’s global sales pitch as a simpler avenue to U.S. consumers may bother the Trump administrationConsider: a $2-trillion economy; relatively rich households that don’t mind shopping on credit; rule of law, “free” health care; and low[...]

Sarah Polley On Alias Grace And Canadian TV’s ‘Embarrassing’ Diversity Problem

Friday  19:46,   22 september 2017

Canada’s small-screen sweetheart explains why her adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s memory-bending novel is an apt tale for 2017.You originally sought the rights to Alias Grace when it came out in[...]

Aung San Suu Kyi: The Fallen Heroine Turns a Blind Eye to the Rohingyans - opinion

Friday  19:46,   22 september 2017

She could have used the bully pulpit to change minds and indirectly influence the military.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or[...]

Inside Kim Jong Un’s regime: Teen sex slaves, public executions and bird saliva soup

Friday  01:51,   22 september 2017
National Post

North Korean defector Hee Yeon Lim on Kim Jong Un's sex slaves: 'Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear'“The musicians just disappeared each time the guns [...]

Why a big airline had to cancel more than 2,000 flights

Thursday  19:57,   21 september 2017

Benjamin D[...]