News: Weekend Reads

The backlash against Bill Morneau is about money, not hurt feelings

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017
Canadian Business

This clash isn’t over affronted dignity; it’s about bottom lines. Yet I detect a spreading tendency to conclude that the outcry from professionals, entrepreneurs and farmers has been sustained so long now, at such a sorely aggrieved pitch, that[...]

Motor Mouth: More inconvenient truths on banning gas engines

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017

High-speed EV recharging stations on highways sound great – until you hear how much they would costVideo: Is this the Tesla semi truck? (provided by[...]

One dead, two injured after two collisions in five hour span on Toronto streets

Thursday  14:07,   05 october 2017
Toronto Star

A woman is dead, and two are seriously injured after two collisions in a five hours span overnight in Toronto. The fatal injury occurred near York Mills and Don Mills Rds. after a hit and run. At around 11:10 p.m., a woman in her 60s was walking on[...]

'Sears is doomed': Why former execs doubt troubled retailer can survive

Thursday  14:07,   05 october 2017

Some retail experts believe even if Sears Canada succeeds in striking a deal with a buyer, the retailer is destined to shut its doors.But behind the hip outfits hides a troubled retailer whose days may be[...]

Petronas' Canadian unit says looking to sell oil and gas asset in Alberta

Thursday  14:06,   05 october 2017

Progress Energy, the Canadian unit of Malaysian state energy firm Petroliam Nasional Berhad, said on Thursday it was looking to sell its Deep Basin oil and gas asset in the Canadian province of Alberta. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Petroliam[...]

U.S. to present dairy demands at next round of NAFTA talks

Thursday  14:06,   05 october 2017

The U.S. secretary of agriculture says American negotiators will be presenting their dairy demands at the next round of NAFTA talks. The U.S. will be looking for increased access to Canada's dairy and poultry markets, according to U.S.[...]

Stop Everything: These Are the Spooky TV Shows and Movies to Watch This Fall

Wednesday  21:17,   04 october 2017

Love to be freaked the eff out? Find the perfect scary movie or TV show to watch this Halloween season, whether you’re into horror, humour or nostalgia—gang’s all here!Terrifying[...]

Something is broken in the United States

Wednesday  21:17,   04 october 2017

Something is broken in the United[...]

Toronto residents do not make enough money to thrive, report says

Wednesday  21:17,   04 october 2017
Toronto Star

Mary Hynes, 74, is a retired teacher with a stable pension plan that is adjusted to the cost of living. Still, not long ago, she had to decide whether to get new tires for her car or have her teeth fixed. Alex Lach, 31, just started a new job in[...]

Flying Cars Sound Cool, but They Could Bring Hellish Reality

Wednesday  21:16,   04 october 2017
Car and Driver

Flying Cars Sound Cool, but They Could Bring Hellish Reality High above Los Angeles, flying cars cruise through skies darkened by pollution, transporting passengers between landing zones located atop maximum-security skyscrapers. That’s the[...]

The reality of drafting teenagers: All NHL prospects are different

Tuesday  20:43,   03 october 2017

It is wholly unfair, and you’d think we would learn, but this week opens with talk around the NHL whether whether Olli Joulevi was a mistake, or if Jesse Puljujarvi is a bust. And the reality is this is what happens when we draft 18-year-old[...]

Why Country Music Needs To Speak Up About Gun Control

Tuesday  20:43,   03 october 2017

After the mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival, it’s time for the industry’s biggest stars to advocate for better gun control in the United States.That wouldn’t be the case for so many of my fellow country music fans in Las Vegas the[...]

What Jagmeet Singh’s historic NDP leadership win means for Canada

Tuesday  01:11,   03 october 2017

Opinion: It remains to be seen if Singh will be embraced by the rest of Canada in the same way he has been by the NDPIn a landslide victory, Jagmeet Singh has become the new leader of Canada’s New Democratic[...]

Trump’s Empty Culture Wars

Monday  21:31,   02 october 2017
The New York Times

Many cultural controversies are well worth fighting over. The president is a virtuoso of the other kind.The secret of culture war is that it is often a good and necessary thing. People don’t like culture wars when they’re on the losing side, and[...]

Should my teenagers be investing in risky ETFs with a discount brokerage?

Monday  21:31,   02 october 2017

Roma’s kids have saved up $4,000 from summer jobs, but she wonders if that’s enough to start investing on their own—Roma[...]