News: Weekend Reads

How a quiet change to the tax code became a PR problem for the Liberal government

Friday  22:37,   13 october 2017

A year-old change to how the Canada Revenue Agency interprets the tax code spiralled into a public relations nightmare that ended with a ministerial tongue-lashing and a Tweet from the prime minister himself promising retail workers he wouldn't[...]

Drone grocery delivery to First Nations takes flight

Friday  22:36,   13 october 2017

Moose Cree leaders hope an experiment with drone delivery will solve the persistent problem of sky-high food prices in northern communities“It’s always a challenge for families,” says Patricia Faries, chief of Moose Cree First Nation. “Particularly[...]

The catastrophic toll of California's wildfires: 29 dead, hundreds missing, thousands displaced

Friday  04:56,   13 october 2017
The Washington Post

Officials say 3,500 buildings have been destroyed and they fear the some of the fires will merge.SANTA ROSA, Calif. — The winds that have fanned Northern California’s wine-country wildfires have calmed, for now, giving[...]

Justin Trudeau’s mission to save NAFTA

Thursday  02:06,   12 october 2017

On his trip to Washington, the PM will keep trying to befriend the volatile Trump, but the options to salvage the deal are narrowingIn what the minister of foreign affairs has called the most turbulent time in international relations since the end[...]

The “daddy-proof onesie” and the stereotype that needs to die

Wednesday  21:16,   11 october 2017
Today's Parent

Let’s stop reinforcing the stereotype of the ignorant, uninvolved father. We’re better than that (and there’s so much more we need to do).When my wife was pregnant with our now three-year-old son, one expectant parent book she received at her baby[...]

“Why Is This Girl Even Attempting to Date?”: Things I Learned Dating While Going Through Chemo

Wednesday  21:15,   11 october 2017

I was 28 years old when I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Shortly after, my relationship fell apart. Here’s everything I learned about dating while going through cancer treatment . © Used with permission of / © Rogers Media[...]

Why American gun laws are likely to get looser, not tighter, even after Las Vegas: Analysis

Saturday  20:10,   07 october 2017
Toronto Star

WASHINGTON—Jennifer Longdon was doing an interview about the mass shooting in Las Vegas when she got a text message.“Wait a second,” she said, pausing to see what it said.It said there had been another one. “Multiple shooting in Casa Grande this[...]

Searching for sincerity in the spectacle of Trump: opinion

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017

Donald Trump goes to Puerto Rico for his latest fan experience[...]

How not to deal with separatists

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017

Stephen Maher on how Madrid’s violent refusal to allow a Quebec style-referendum is pushing Catalans into the arms of the secessionists .Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is preparing to use the referendum result—92 per cent in favour—to make a[...]

The backlash against Bill Morneau is about money, not hurt feelings

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017
Canadian Business

This clash isn’t over affronted dignity; it’s about bottom lines. Yet I detect a spreading tendency to conclude that the outcry from professionals, entrepreneurs and farmers has been sustained so long now, at such a sorely aggrieved pitch, that[...]

Motor Mouth: More inconvenient truths on banning gas engines

Friday  22:22,   06 october 2017

High-speed EV recharging stations on highways sound great – until you hear how much they would costVideo: Is this the Tesla semi truck? (provided by[...]

One dead, two injured after two collisions in five hour span on Toronto streets

Thursday  14:07,   05 october 2017
Toronto Star

A woman is dead, and two are seriously injured after two collisions in a five hours span overnight in Toronto. The fatal injury occurred near York Mills and Don Mills Rds. after a hit and run. At around 11:10 p.m., a woman in her 60s was walking on[...]

'Sears is doomed': Why former execs doubt troubled retailer can survive

Thursday  14:07,   05 october 2017

Some retail experts believe even if Sears Canada succeeds in striking a deal with a buyer, the retailer is destined to shut its doors.But behind the hip outfits hides a troubled retailer whose days may be[...]

Petronas' Canadian unit says looking to sell oil and gas asset in Alberta

Thursday  14:06,   05 october 2017

Progress Energy, the Canadian unit of Malaysian state energy firm Petroliam Nasional Berhad, said on Thursday it was looking to sell its Deep Basin oil and gas asset in the Canadian province of Alberta. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Petroliam[...]

U.S. to present dairy demands at next round of NAFTA talks

Thursday  14:06,   05 october 2017

The U.S. secretary of agriculture says American negotiators will be presenting their dairy demands at the next round of NAFTA talks. The U.S. will be looking for increased access to Canada's dairy and poultry markets, according to U.S.[...]